Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Strippity do dah

Well gosh darn it, if I didn't manage to strip one of my two stripping buckets in the measly few hours I had tonight.  Yay me.
Now I know I usually take a picture of the shiney gems, but space was limited and I offed them into jiffy bags for the moment ready for the next few weeks.
There is an ungodly amount of doubles in there.  Bad collector.  No more ebay for you til you sell them.
I got a message from ebay saying turbolister should work now... but the breezy nature of the message suggested gen Y and did not inspire me with confidence in the tester.  Still, if it proves true that's great news.  I have sooo much to sell you all.  :)

Some highlights to surface from the jar included The Nottingham Dwarf (aka Robin Hood dwarf) and a few undead for my Undead Assault project.  The Robin hood dwarf is very special, and I am hoping to set aside time to do a full 'Eavy metal style pdf on his history, previous owner and the models restoration, basing and painting.  I am jazzed to be able to push on with the project and complete the dwarf contingent.  Mimbrin the guard needs to be repinned before I can go on, and he needs superfine drilling.  Must get some new bits.

One thing I have been loving this month is my airbrush.  I grabbed some Vallejo model air primer and have fallen in love with it.  I plan to grab a black and grey air primer next week to do preshading with.  It makes such a huge difference to the quality and speed of priming and laying down base coats that it's a no brainer.  It's no where near as tough as enamel spray, but at least I can use it on rainy days.

So back to the stripping session- I want to reduce doubles, but the idea of setting up a database makes me uncomfortable.   This is a hobby, and meant to be enjoyed in a casual, cavalier manner.  Which is good because I am a casual cavalier at best.  I probably should do a got list on my website using catalog pictures ans crossing out the ones I have.  Hmmm.

The thought of the database did get me wondering just how many minis I now have- and that made me think about how one would officially count them.  Do broken ones count?  Do multipart components count?  Kits?  What about props- or models fused together in twisted mutations?

Do you know how many you have?  If so, how do you keep track?   Post comments below!


  1. If I ever wonder, I just walk over to my shelf and count. Then I walk over to my desk and continue counting. I have a very small collection :D

  2. Broken ones count if they can be easily fixed and be whole again. If by mulitpart components you mean bits and pieces that don't make a whole mini, then no. Twisted mutations, yes.

    I've no idea how many unpainted miniatures I have but I know I've got a hoard of painted skeletons, drow, spiders, rats, beetles, kobolds and adventurers. So long as the unpainted are tucked away in boxes and don't take up too much room only the painted matter.

    Frame that above your desk!

    1. On that note I have been quite successful pushing my warbands along... just not finishing individual figures this month. My broo set is around thirty or so base painted with some washes. Will be good to finish that up.