Saturday, December 31, 2016

First glimpse of Stardred

Saturday, December 17, 2016

New look

Thought I would try out a new look for the blog, and a quick costume change for mini me.  Wait... I guess big me is a mini me too.  Huh?

After a tough year I got into regular swimming and am now one of those annoying skinnier and fit-ish kinda persons- so I coud slip into something a little more Amazona Gothique.  I am so not ready for a giant bleached back comb do, so I settled with my current hair style.

She is rough, when I have time I will paint her up properly full scale- but I couldn't resist a little refresh.

Now, how the hell do I walk in those heels?

Darkling Games is Live!

I am stoked to announce that Darkling Games is back in business and the doors have just opened on my new (temporary) website.  You can buy one of the massive range of 2 products!  Woot.

Also the banner blinks if you wait.  Trust me.  :)

Click the banner above to head over to Darkling Games

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Darkling Games minis available now

Looky, looky!  Laney has been hard at work getting her oldschool shit together!


A sharper, sassier new logo, funkier text and my new name. Because branding isn't just for kinksters.

First up, an oldy but a goodie- The Chaos Dwerg are back!  All 17 dark dwarves available as a starter boxed set- but you get a limited edition Hoglet thrown in while the mold lasts (then he is gone for good).  Hardcore collectors note: the next recasting will feature integral D-bases instead of slottas, and a couple of minor changes to make pulling the mould easier for Nic.  Bless him.

The box set is AUD$150 for all 17 figures +pp.

Next up, Spelltoads!  21 figures for your old school boardgaming pleasure.  As retweeeeeeted by Gary Chalk (no, I am still not over that).  AUD$60 for all 21 minis.

And finally, yes- next year the kickstarter will go down for expanding the range by another 21 figures.  Zulu toad is my fave.

Head to my DARKLING GAMES site to order!

Casting and postage will occur after Xmas break!  


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thank you and excitementage

Thank you to all you who have generously donated and/or signed up for my Patreon!
Obviously I still need to get a camera set up before I can begin video tutes, but the first of the reward 'Eavy Mental tutorial PDFs are on the laptop and the brand new floorplans are slated for January for my playtester tier rewards.

Twitter has been going off!  It has been a fantastic way to connect to more oldhammer fans.  I have the honor of a few follows from Citadel designers, comic book authors, artists and game designers I love.  Fun times.  Follow me on @delaneykingrox - but beware it can get pretty darn rude, with lots of feminism, lesbianism and Buffy stuff. What?  I have diverse interests.

Everything in this cafe tastes like chicken grease.  Even the drink water.  Just thought I would let you know this.

So another AWESOME thing is I have been invited to be part of the Heroquest Blog Challenge. I have been assigned one of the Orcs, and judging by the standard of entry so far- this girl is gonna have to up her game.  Conversions are discouraged, but it's ME.  I may have to go cold turkey.  Wish me luck.  Post will appear right here folks!

Thanks for all the leadLove and PsychostyreneSupport!  Love ya guts.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Skylands of Skulldred

It's a lovely warm sunny day in Melbourne, and the flea markets are in bloom, filled with young beautiful pixie manic dreamgirls of Brunswick selling their hipster wares.  I found a box of Skylander figures for sale at a whopping $9.  Not each.  For the box.  Yes.  The box.

 I rebased them for Skulldred Skirmish rules using left over GW bases from the big packs they sell, dollar store poker chips and MDF coasters from the craft store.  I glue cork down which I reinforce in areas by stabbing with a pin and pouring a little superglue into them.  They go rock hard allowing heavier figures to be pinned securely.

One mechanical critter became a junk yard scenery feature, using bits left over from the cracked off bases.  For my effort, I now have a lovely blister from my on my thumb from my tin snips.  Naturally I cooked with chilli powder tonight.  Yes.  I am a doofus.  I don't mind the pain though- I asked out a crush of mine last night and she said yes!  Honestly I could nail my foot to the floor today and still be grinning.

The Skylander material is the same as prepainted DnD minis- so I know dettol isn't gonna shift the paint they use.  A light sand with wet and dry paper to take off the worst shine off the larger areas and a quick coating or two from a grey spray enamel rattlecan will do the trick nicely.

Once primed, I will have a better idea what needs filling or resculpting.  I will use pure greenstuff so that it can flex with the rubbery models.  I will also decorate the bases after the conversion work is done.

Because Skulldred uses a 'match your profile to your minis' points system, you can turn anything into a playable model for it.  You can also shift the scale easily for larger figures like dollar store toys or action figures.  This makes it great for getting your kids into gaming.

Got a lot of orders to fill this week, so probably won't be finishing any of them just yet.  Darkling is really taking off again and so I have a website AND new releases to sculpt.

I would say it sucks to be me, but you should see this girl!  She is not only adorable but a fantasy artist too.  Laney is a happy camper right now.  My heads in the sky lands.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

We're Baaa-aaack

Today I am launching the Spelltoads of Skulldred boxed set from Darkling Games. I am now taking orders via email/paypal until my webstore is up and running again.

The set contains 9 character spelltoads:

Armoured toad.   Wizard.   Rogue/theif.
Vampire.      Tim.      Spy/witchhunter.
Futureballer.  Star pirate.  Zombie.

The set also contains 2 each of the nekkid Pete, Delmar and Everett toads, as well as six tiny Garp toads- ideal for decorating bases, using as familliars and for 15mm HOTT toad spells.

The whole set is cast in classic lead based pewter for that delightful old school heft, by master caster Nic Robson.  Sculpted by Delaney King.

Models supplied unpainted without bases. Shipped in padded bag.

To order yours, send me an email at...

Delaneykingrox&@frogsgmail.frogcom (but delete the words 'frog' from here- toads are not frogs after all).

Price is a bargain at only AUD $60 for the entire set plus postage and packaging (PayPal only).  That's all 15 Spelltoads and 6 toads.

At this time I cannot sell individual minis- this is a one mould spin per set deal (I don't have warehouse space at the moment)

!!!Warning: metal miniatures are not toys and are not suitable for children. Harmful if chewed or swallowed. !!!

Website up soon!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

An open letter to Rick Priestly and John Lambshead

Just got handed this gem by DiceBag Lady at Badsquidso games.

It's an excerpt from "Tabletop Wargames – A Designers’ and Writers’ Handbook".

Speaking personally as someone who er 'transmogrified' from a David into a Delaney, all I can say to Rick Priestly and John Lambshead is this.

Fuck you.

Fuck you from the bottom of my heart.  Fuck you and your transphobic, misogynistic, bigoted little brains.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  You behaviour here towards women gamers, towards transwomen and (for some reason moreso) to transmen is a stain on our hobby.  You want to take responsibility for the damage you cause people like me?  For all the hurt and humiliation that spreading drivel like this to the community causes us.  Trans people are murdered, are attacked and driven to suicide by people who read material like this and think we are a joke- in your words 'unsettling'.

Transphobia aside, the misogyny here is disgusting.  You wonder why men treat women gamers poorly that we leave the hobby?  Do you even think for a minute about what our experiences are like attempting to engage the hobby?  This is what is waiting for us.

Oh and this gem...

'It?' Seriously, you think that is okay to call someone non binary?  Like, I dunno... intersex people like myself?  Am I an 'it' to you?  An 'unsettling' 'it' perhaps?

Pull this book, revise it and clean up your fucking act.

Our hobby deserves to be better than this.

UPDATE:  and a response?  Hmmm...

And then...

John is currently being called out by other women gamers right now.  His responses, I am told, are disgusting and childish. However he has blocked me, so I will just have to imagine.

I hope Rick carries himself with more dignity.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ged too da choppah

Twenty Cadians for a buck each?  Why yes, bargain bin at Mind Games Melbourne, that will be lovely.  The paint jobs are game ready- but naturally I will wanna do my own thang.

If it bleeds we can repaint it!  Ged too da dettol!  It's nodda toomah.

Hey did you realise Arnie's daughter in Tru Lies was none other than Eliza Dushku- star of Dollhouse and Faith from Buffy?  Oh yes.  And I plan to marry her one day (if I can just turn her gay first and get her to move me to Boston).

Unfortunately, like my unrealistic nuptial expectations, I don't have time to fix these minis up just yet- other projects must be finished- but hey, nice little nabaroonie.

Probably will do them up as martian guards to fight my Chaos Cultists in Necromunda style action.  And no doubt covert them a fair bit, because it's me.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Gearing up for new site

Welp, I have been a busy grrrl today, cranking away on a new branding for a new website that will crunch together my worlds into one.

 The new site will pull all my bloggy shit together into one place.  You will be able to check out my art, download game stuff, watch video tutorials and get hold of my new merch!

To help fund this, I am set to re-release Darkling Miniatures Dwerg Warband and release the Amulet Spelltoads boxed set (no single packs yet) as part of this.  About time huh?

Today was about rebuilding all the old Darkling logos in high print res from the shitty little web ones- since they where all lost in The Disaster (tm), tomorrow I should have new Kingsminis branding and logos done. I want a Della Chaos Paint Knight logo T shirt, dammit!

Remember folks- the goal is a new camera so I can take crisp, sexy shots of all my minis- and make tutorials for you to enjoy.  Oh, and to keep me alive.  I like being alive- it has miniatures in it.

Thanks for all the support so far!