Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daves fingernails are green

Well I am still buried under a heap of commissions right now, which is pleasant for me (green stuff permanently wedged under fingernails aside) - if a little draining on my miniature time.  I always scoffed at Ally Morrison saying he "rarely if ever converts miniatures when he gets home because he is too busy playing with putty all day long" (white dwarf 1986).  Sac up!  I used to think.  Get some hobby stamina ya Scottish git and make me some more Talisman figures whilst your at it!

  Now I get it.  Now I understand.  Your forgiven Mr. Morrison.  Except for not making those talisman figs... your still off my Christmas list for that.
I have fifteen figures on the table right now for private commissions, plus my own figures for my Bederken label.  Current conversions and paintings this month?

Er...  I base coated a Talisman Monk... does that count?

But, that said, most of these little putty suckers are getting darn close to finished... which means that Asgard Stalker is going to not know what hit it.  (hint.  Its paint)

Ed.  I know your listening.  Your "Legion of the Definitely Not Looking Too Healthy- May Have to Have a Lie Down In My Flaming Boney Armour" marines are also on that list.  Yeah yeah.... Nurge Fliers too.