Thursday, April 24, 2014

A little progress

A little progress on my current batch- two of which are shown and a quick color test for my minifig high elves.  I went with the Rodney Matthews classic purple/green combo.  I think the tunnel elves will be autumnal or green/slate grey.

I also forced myself to assemble and base up a tray load of multipart Reaper minis I have had in storage forever and fix a couple of broken minis that will go well with the current batch.  Mainly for the discipline, and a feeling of progression- plus they can all be photographed for Skulldred.  I found some nice treasure models in there so I whacked those on some bases too for the items section.

I then primed them all (and my tunnel elves) with my airbrush... which sadly broke today whilst cleaning.  The nozzle thread came off.  I swear I barely cranked the living hell out of it.  Lesson learnt.

So do you like the rough color scheme for the elves?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Barbarian warband

Oh just found this on my phoney thingie.  My barbarian warband work in progress.  I think there is butter on my lens.  Very romantic.

I popped by the Garema place game store in Canberra today and picked up a pack of warmahorde skorne girlie figures in dresses with drum hats that took my fancy.  I plan to beat the fancy out of them with some converty type skillage.  Does it annoy people I don't give a crapette about minis official names?  All part of my evil plan.

So as you can see the barbarians are at various stages of paintyness.  I am planning to push them along with my dwarfs in a wantom baccinnalia of flesh painting- then once varnished on to my high and tunnel elves.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Windex is hassle free

Only had a little time so whacked on some base colors on the dwarf warband- plus a few loose figures in need of similar colors.
  The basecoating process is far less painful to me now I have forsaken water in favor of windex.

Windex you say?

Yes.  Windex.  As in My Big Fat Greek Wedding Windex.

Windex dilutes paint without destroying surface adhesion and evaporates quickly- so it sticks to your model in a thin layer, then dries.   Therefore you can apply several thin coats in quick succession.  The first bit of paint is literally dry by the time you finish coloring in the last bit.  Windex allows the paint to flow off the brush easily, and is really cheap.  Windex can also reinvigorate drying acrylics.  Give your wet palette a windex spritz under your baking paper and marvel how it doesn't go moldy.  Yep.  You heard it here first kiddies.

The blue tint evaporates leaving your colors exactly as you mixed them.  Bless it.  However- if you want to spend money, however, buy vallejo airbrush medium.  It is basically windex without the blue in it. Don't believe me?  Give it a sniff.

Windex has been used as a thinner in airbrush art for donkey's years.  Though I would definitely wear a gas mask.  Are you my mommy?

I layed out a quick pass of black, leather brown, vermin brown and flesh.  But now I must sleep.  Good night, whatever you are.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New warbands: Hassledwarfs

New warband #2.  A lovely batch of dwarfs from Hasslefree minis.  As with the elves I went with washers.  They certainly look a lot better on the smaller base, and feel sturdy.

I think I may field them as snow white and the seven dwarfs.  I have a hasslefree Kaylee who would make a good Snow White and the sleeping Beauty from Reaper.

I am going to give each dwarf a strong, cartoony theme color.  Great figs!

New warbands 1: Aurelo Rococco Elves

New Warband!

First of my minifigs Aureola Rococco collection (best.  name.  ever.) is some elves.
Based on (to put it politely) Rodney Matthews art, this range is pure Skulldred.  Old school, quirky, kookie and fun.  I have the riders and tunnel elves too.  They where at the bottom of my stripping jar, and I was terrified of breaking them!

The Aureola Rococco collection is the best minifigs produced in my umberhulk opinion.  Yep.  Glad I told you, ain't ya?  Made your night reading this didn't it?  Sigh.  Blogging is a weird, narcissistic thing.

Anyway, Rodney used one color trick throughout his career- pick a color- pick its complementary color, desaturate them so they don't clash... and then go apeshit.  Purple and green being my fave Rodders combo.  Lo... these minis shall be so.

Rodney allegedy denounced rpgs as satanic,  so there where never any official Rodney Matthews figures- though Jes Goodwin constantly references his work.  They both rocketh mine munda dawg.

Aaaaaanyway- new warband!

I based them on washers.  Yes I did.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some dick at google

Wondering why your big photos look bad after uploading them lately?

  Some dickwad a google decided that applying a filter to everyones photo uploads automatically wasn't just the most inconvenient, idiotic and brand damaging idea ever.  Fortunately you can turn it off in your google plus settings.  You still have to reupload your damaged images.

Think it's the same moron forcing google. Plus down youtubers throats?  Lets get out the pitchforks and torches!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Because rebasing is relaxing

Had trouble sleeping so popped off the old bases on my chaos warriors and slipped on some 30mm multibases.  Here is a snap of one of the two tubs!
No progress tonight... catching up on sleep.  Zzzzz.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boar me

Hi folks- can anyone ID the boar that Aly Morrison used in this conversion.   And do you have one?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some (nearly) finished stuff

Lots of minis this blog- not one completely done,  but very close.  My camera phone does not do a good job in low light- I must dig out the digital cam that I used at the start of the blog.