Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New warbands 1: Aurelo Rococco Elves

New Warband!

First of my minifigs Aureola Rococco collection (best.  name.  ever.) is some elves.
Based on (to put it politely) Rodney Matthews art, this range is pure Skulldred.  Old school, quirky, kookie and fun.  I have the riders and tunnel elves too.  They where at the bottom of my stripping jar, and I was terrified of breaking them!

The Aureola Rococco collection is the best minifigs produced in my umberhulk opinion.  Yep.  Glad I told you, ain't ya?  Made your night reading this didn't it?  Sigh.  Blogging is a weird, narcissistic thing.

Anyway, Rodney used one color trick throughout his career- pick a color- pick its complementary color, desaturate them so they don't clash... and then go apeshit.  Purple and green being my fave Rodders combo.  Lo... these minis shall be so.

Rodney allegedy denounced rpgs as satanic,  so there where never any official Rodney Matthews figures- though Jes Goodwin constantly references his work.  They both rocketh mine munda dawg.

Aaaaaanyway- new warband!

I based them on washers.  Yes I did.


  1. Ha Ha, i bought Eloy records because of the Rodney Matthews Art. Not bad German band.These are lovely old minis though i have never had any Minifig Orcs ,Hobgoblins, Dwarves, Gnomes and Hobbits made up the first adventuring partiesback in 78.

  2. "Blogging is a weird, narcissistic thing." yup (but helpful to others sometimes) and for me a sort of diary as my memory can be kaput at times,
    look forward to painted up pics soon =)

  3. Excellent, I love Rodney Matthews artwork and have always thought that that and the Aureola Rococco Elves tied together nicely. I am really looking forward to seeing your progress with this project.

  4. I may have to sculpt a new generation of tunnel elves.

  5. I am the proud owner one (only one) aureola Roccocco Lancer on Horse with fantastic saddle. Never though they were linked with Rodney Matthews Art, tho now you point it, seems an evidence. Thanks for your very nice pictures and your narcissic blog : Very inspiring :-)

  6. Look forward to seeing them fully painted. I had this set as well many ages ago, however I did not fully appreciate them artistically them. I loved those bowmen because of the sculpted arrow. I lost them to the winds of time however, too bad nobody has the molds for these.

  7. They still sell forest orcs and swamp lords which would go well with the Elves style

    I can supply a link to the music lol