Monday, February 2, 2015

Wip fight

I squeezed the dying weekend and a little more hobby juice came dribbling out.  This was spent on basing and underpainting the Eureka Brughel demons and recently arrived Skaven packmaster and rats that I got to spray earlier.

Intrepid of heart, yet noisome on the nostril, my WIP merc's battle a WIP Skaven swarm for Lanie's attention.  Who will be finished next?

Militia/Mercenaries, Merc Ogre, Terror of the Lichemaster halfling, Skaven and giant rats (All citadel minis.)

Yes, my Packmaster has pinky red fur.  Skaven's first colour advert in my first ever issue of White Dwarf had several pinky red Skaven.  Thusly I just had to.  You cannot judge me.  I AM THE LAW.

Simkin (Citadel Mercenaries) appears in the backdrop with his colours blocked in but no flesh work.  Naturally he will be exactly the colours he appeared in WD too.  Seriously, I am glazing layers of orange to get the exact tone as printed.  

I need a life.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Getting my ass to mars

A brief break in the weather game me the chance I needed to spray stuff.  I then attacked my Blanchitsu playset with big brush work.  All it needs now is a few hours of detail work, picking out and shading individual parts.  Tedious work.

To get this far required a spray prime of black, then chestnut brown.

First layer of rust was thinned bestial brown thinned slightly.  This was highlighted with Macharius orange.

Steel was stippled here and there.

Vmc pale green grey formed the basis of the paint layer.  This was stippled with peppermint.

Black craft paint was then brushed on for oil, fire damage and deep shadows.

The martian surface was brushed with red oxide artist acrylic paint.  Deep crimson and hookers green artist acrylic added the sump oil and blood like stains.

Lots to do, but a pretty effective first pass.

Wip it good

Jes Goodwin made some damned awesome ogres.  I could no longer wait to paint them, so I started trying out bolder colour schemes circa 1989.  Here is some works in progress.  The chaos ogre is really unfinished at this stage. Not sure about the colours to be honest.

Hrothyog is badly cast- looking like a run from the end of the moulds life. He was also missing a foot (this is Jes' fragile ankle era) hopefully from playing a lot of third edition battles in his life.  Poor killing machine... bit of Procreate and wire made his owie go away.  The buried skulls and shrooms where leftover putty.

Whilst painting my ogres, I pushed along a few more that shared the palette.  This is a great way to save time.

Front and centre is a Malifaux undead chihuahua... Possibly the worlds most overpriced figure in dollars per gramme.  As a dog miniature addict I had to have it... But only managed to pick up the pack and a dozen times to check if it was still priced at crazytown prices, promptly sighing and putting it back.   I got this little bitch in that ten buck Malifaux tub from CANCON.  See?  I am being a good girl this year and painting my new acquisitions right away.  Yeah, biatchez.  Clear conscience for next years used stall feeding frenzy!
I was stuck for ideas for the halfling's shield, then my wife walked in with a lovely cup of tea.  Perfect!

Next up is my Citadel '80's militia/mercenary collection so far.  Sooo much character!  Obviously early days.  I am tempted to modify them a bit to make them really loopy- but I dunno... it still feels wrong to edit a perfectly healthy vintage mini.  I guess I always have access to The Foundry recasts to go crazy on.

I call this warband 'Capn Chode's Cunch 'O Bunts'.  I think they need pig, chicken, rat and dog companions.

I need more dog minis.

I have a Mordheim warband of modern plastic militia but that will have to wait for a rainy day.  I have shame to wash away first!

And remember kids... commenters make better lovers.