Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I got the black lung pop

Well I have been sick, again.  AGAIN.  I notice the new flu vaccine appeared shortly after a double bout of particularly bad flu was going around.  Coincidence or conspiracy- you decide.

Anyway, feeling better today.  Unlike my last flu, I didnt write any new skirmish rules- I just lay around being all deathly with a machine gun cough because I had no choice.

I just have one work project to clear up and I am back at my sculpting desk.  Yay Bederken.  Then, once they are off to the mould makers I am going to take a holiday.

Still, whilst I have been ill I have received some lovely classic figures- Aly Morrison hobgoblins and a few of Ruglugs armoured orcs.  May have to do an binge paint session to catch up with Thantsants wonderful collection.