Thursday, June 30, 2016

Boning Harryhausen and Pulp

Nothing exciting today peeps- the weather in Melbourne is chilly and moist, meaning spray priming is out.

Still, progress is progress, and I have progressed with progression on the progress on... Fuck, where was I?

I dun did stuff to minis.

Reaper Bones Hydra and Cave Troll
Since it's Harryhausen's birthday (ish), bless him, I thought it time to finally base up that Reaper Bones hydra I got a while back for my Skulldred Demo Table.  A cave troll hovering about also got a based.  Considering it's Ray's day- I feel like he should be converted to a cyclops, rather than the obvious LOTR homage that he is.  I dislike LOTR, so he will not be grey when I finally paint him.

One does not simply post a meme in her blog

I am gonna heat up the hydra and repose her a little- mainly curling that tail back onto the base to make gameplay easier.
I was thinking the base needs some broken pillars or something.  I will worry about that once the hydra is painted.  I just used a CD and some cork- but it will be very boring.  Maybe some stonework or critters or treasure on there.  I will raid the Bones shelf to see what bits I can find.

Buzz Barker's Island Hoppers by Pulp Minis

Tally appears to be somewhat ho on this next picture.  Pulp Minis.  I went with the spanner option for the mechanic, since my collection has plenty of guns in it already, and maybe I feel a little uncomfortable with guns at the moment, after the whole Pulse Massacre and following bullshit gun lobbying shitfest.  I will get over it, I am sure, but I have to admit balling my fucking eyes out for a good week.

I went with Renedra Low Profile 25mm bases, they seemed swamped by my usual 30mm.

Here is a progress shot of the minis I started on.  Still a lot to do, and I am disappointed by the amount of dust in the undercoat.  That room was awful.  May just strip and do over.

Inquisitory chicky babe (in case the boob armor didn't give you a clue) and Citadel EPIC Chaos Primarch 
Welp, signing off with an older picture of me back when I was a redhead (I am goth black now)- with one of my Ray Harryhausen laser scan dolls.  Thanks for all the good times Ray, you magic man, you!

Welease tha Kwaken!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Silver Tower, death rattles and PAX Aus

Ahhh poo, this silly bitch has gone and got a secondary infection off of suspected whooping cough- so that's seven weeks of being sick.

I am crapola at looking after myself, so I am following my friends advice 'treat yourself like you where your own girlfriend'.  Huh.  Why didn't I think of that?

Well, since the doctor has confined me to stay home in the warm for a week, my meta-girlfriend-self was sooo sweet and treated me to Warhammer Quest:  Silver Tower.  Wow, she is so awesome!  Thanks me.  You're welcome me.  X

Finally a descent product from GW this year

51 minis for $250 bucks, that's actually pricing the minis at around $5 each- plus lots of card and dice and shit I will probably forget about.  Why oh why cannot citadel apply this to their main ranges?  Even $10 a mini would be... Er... Something.

Box art from Silver Tower

Look at all the gribbly monsters and Most importantly... Familiars!!!!  I freaking love familiars!!!  jes Goodwin hooked me on them back in the eighties, and I have been obsessively collecting them ever since.  Reaper, Rackham- if it's a wee diddy thing, it's on my pull list.

I will clear my small backlog first before starting it.

Gotta say, if Age of Sigmar contained these minis and a points system, it would have been a 'must have' instead of a 'what the fickety-fuck is this shitballs?'.

On that subject, the guy in the shop said he has sold zero Sigmar boxes.  Nada.  None.  Nothing.  His customers hate it.  Cabbage riding Orruks?  Nope.  Everyone is sticking to 40k or hopping over to X Wing, which I think will be my next game.  But first I must recover and get back to work.  Gotta get me a Rey flown falcon baby, because #wheresrey? Hasbro dropped the ball shaped pooch and fuck it when it comes to Rey. 

Gotta say, dating me has really raised my bar for potential future girlfriends.  I am generous, thoughtful, I understand my miniature addiction, love eighties goth music, funny, am totally freakin' gorgeous and actually can make a cup of tea to British standards (the color of he-man).

Oh, and if you would actually like to meet lil' ole me and see me model on computer things live, or get free lessons on how to, you will find me at PAX australia 2016 at the CG Spectrum booth.

I will also be on a couple of the panels, talk about my past works in character design for games (I worked on Dragonage, Civilization IV, Unreal Tournament 04, Lord of The Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online and many more).  These days I mentor the next gen online.

I will also be on panels covering some of the LGBTIQAP+ and feminist issues in games- most specifically how to design female characters.

Also you may spot me at the Reaper Painting tables.  Because minis.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

B.A.B with pulp in it.

Some of my new recruits have finally been based and primed.  I have only a short time left here at this house before I move again, so I wanted to have something done.  Melbourne weather isn't great for spray primers so I went with a BIG ASSED BRUSH(tm).

Back, left to right.  Swamp Dragon (grenadier) Saruman (GW), Mortarian, Angron, Magnus The Red (Citadel), Front Row: Unidentified Warzone mini, Knight (Ral Partha), Unknown snake priest, Lotr Goblin (GW)
And I added Buzz Barker's island hoppers to my collection, for my first outing into pulp.  I figure with all the dinosaurs and fishmen I have, they should have some pulp shennanigans.  Besides, the pack had a dog and a chick in it.  You know how I feel about dog and chick miniatures.  :)

Buzz Barker's Island Hoppers- (Pulp minis)

Hopefully some new paint jobs soon!