Sunday, September 28, 2014

Smell that?  Smells like teen spirit.  Or plastic and superglue.  I get those confused.  More kit bashing tonight, to celebrate the fact The Block was on TV and I would rather gargle barbed wire.
First up, Sister Ophelia Proximity.

A sister of battle using Dark Eldar and Chaos parts only.  Because that's how we roll in the shire.  Ever listened to the lyrics of Teen Spirit and thought Kurt was just cramming words in there.  A warband made up of a mulato, an albino and a mosquito called Libido would probably fly over peoples radars I suppose.

So four more nasties, made from Skaven, Dark Eldar, ogres, a Giant, ork, daemonettes and empire bits.  I cannot find my box of imperial guard, I must have eaten it.
That happens.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

That article...

John Blanche explained his modern painting style in what I suspect was a 2009 issue, possibly december.  It was plugging skaven and crimson fists, if that helps.  348-360ish.
I don't know because I removed it from the dross and put it in a scrapbook.  Jervis Johnson was replaced with JB for standard  bearer.  Here is a snapshot of what your looking for.

It is actually disappointingly vague and basic.  I pretty much summarised it last issue.  Base coat everything.  Sepia/mud mix, mud recesses then blend or drybrush up.  Fine subtle white drybrush and never use a metal higher than chain mail.  Be grimy, weather stuff and buy lots of games workshop stuff.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The little Talos pain engine that could

Talos pain engine.  I wanted one so much I actually went Into a Games Porksword shop and actually interacted with the staff.  Shudder.

I made it out alive.  Just.  So I am now armed with a box of nasty, gribbly pain bitz for my inquisimunda conversions.  Yay.  I feel like I need a shower, but dammit I made it!

I am now upstairs chillin' with an assam tea in the goodgames store above GW, listening to nerds nerding hard.  Ahhh, my people.

Actually, I had a pretty good kitbash session last night.  I knocked up a few more thingies to Blanchitsu.

I also had a couple of good putty sessions on my sphincter beast and ass cannon.  I hope this isn't going to be a big theme of my work.

Monday, September 22, 2014


To kick off the adventures of Delaney King, I decided to Blanchitsu the shit out of my bits box.  I had a lot of fun, and I can see a warband or three emerging from this.  First a skavenger mutant "Gruyere".

Photo courtesy of Samsung Galaxy screen engineers who forced me back onto my old, old, old, old iphone.  Because dropping a phone on lino should destroy it utterly.
I have to dust off my old camera and shoot him properly once I get more done.

I followed Johns description of his modern technique from white dwarf, first painting in all the base colours, weathering, then using washes of devlan mud mixed with gryphonne sepia, blending highlights here and there, then giving the final glaze of thin mud/sepia to give that yellowed varnished look.  I used pen to add dots, stitches, chequers and words. 'This cursed earth' on the scroll refers to a quote John used in a painting from the eighties.  Because.
I deliberately over-varnished the whole thing with layers of gloss spray, giving the model a smoother, more porcelain effect, then matting down parts with matt medium.

I used a Skaven clanrat, Dark Eldar gun and Flagellant head.  They felt used.

The green stuff was 2:1 yellow:blue with a hint of supersculpy added to remove some of the putties 'memory' quality and increase working time.  This is perfect for filling and detailing, but produces a very soft, rubbery material once dry so don't use this for structural stuff.  As this reduces stick, you will often have to dot superglue with a cocktail stick under some parts to makes sure it will stay on.

I used my old green pipe roller tools too.  Love those.

The base uses bicarb and superglue, for authentic JB baseyness.

Later alligators!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Felix Jagermeister and Gotmilk?

Eddles sent me a pic of the recently reunited heroes of some books I am unlikely to ever read as I find exclamation marks annoying.

It is kinda nice to think these models where destined to stand together painted, despite being 12,000 miles apart at one stage, in two totally different collections, both half painted, laying in a box somewhere under piles of junk no doubt.

Kings minis.  Friends reunited ain't got nothin' on me.

So how's my chick painting?