Sunday, September 28, 2014

Smell that?  Smells like teen spirit.  Or plastic and superglue.  I get those confused.  More kit bashing tonight, to celebrate the fact The Block was on TV and I would rather gargle barbed wire.
First up, Sister Ophelia Proximity.

A sister of battle using Dark Eldar and Chaos parts only.  Because that's how we roll in the shire.  Ever listened to the lyrics of Teen Spirit and thought Kurt was just cramming words in there.  A warband made up of a mulato, an albino and a mosquito called Libido would probably fly over peoples radars I suppose.

So four more nasties, made from Skaven, Dark Eldar, ogres, a Giant, ork, daemonettes and empire bits.  I cannot find my box of imperial guard, I must have eaten it.
That happens.


  1. You're on quite a roll at the moment Delaney. The big guy all the way on the right in the second picture (looks like an Isle of Blood plastic rat ogre body with a giant's head) is inspired. JB is probably smiling somewhere.

  2. You made the best argument to go out and buy a box of Dark Eldar. I would like very much to see your version of mutant musicians, too.

  3. You entered the "house of horror" and made it out alive but will you submit the blanchitsu unit to the photographic mishaps of The white dwarf team. Nice to see so much fun being had with bits.

  4. That is going to be one fantastic warband.

  5. yum! missing guard bits!
    loving the conversions =)