Thursday, March 31, 2016

Digital green: chaosette wip

It's been a while since I have had access to a PC that can do digital sculpting.  I had a bit of a play last night and knocked out this digital green of a chaos thug.

I haven't done any 3D printed minis yet, so once I am done playing with this I want to get a few run off.

Lots to do, the proportions need to be pushed more to eighties minis to fit my theme and she probably will have some clothes, armor and more chaosy weapons. 

But hey, nice to be back making stuff.

Monday, March 28, 2016

More free stuff

Another wonderful gift arrived from my friend Kezia- who is a talented mini painter herself.

A Grenadier Swamp Dragon, Ral Partha Pegasus, Citadel and Ral Partha wizards and Charon himself.

I can't place this guy though.  Clearly he is James Earl Jones from Conan The Barbarian, but no markings.

Turelio is sending me the missing models from The Fellowship diorama- bless his cottom socks.  Repay his kindness by visiting his blog here (

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Gifty McGiftface and The case of the disappearing Hobbits

Pippin:  'Lol.  Aggro'ed.'

One of my gift mini packages arrived today.  This gem plus a stack of plastics of various LOTRiness.

Sadly, some of the fellowship have journeyed elsewhere, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth (of Sauron).  A big thanks to Eyecandy animation in Canberra for the donation!

So I have a confession.  

Sorry... But I hate Lord of The Rings.  The books, the films and especially The Hobbit in all its dreadful forms.  Now, I appreciate the significance and importance of the series... I just don't like it.  None of it.  About the only thing I dig is the concept of Ringwraiths riding Fell Beasts.  A ghost on a giant fucking carrion thing swinging a mace? That's freaking great!

I.. Uh.. Oh, fuck it... since I am confessing geek shame, I also really hate watching anime.  I can stomach the GITS movie and Akira, and the studio Ghibli stuff is charming, but everything else I have seen just shits me.  Especially the TV series stuff like fucking Attack on Titan and bloody Neon Genesis Evan... Fuck it, why bother finishing the title, the ending was shit.

What else?  Oh yeah... Torchwood.  Uhg.

And Capaldi.

I have a lot of dislike for geek stuff.  Should I hand in my geek cred card?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Weird energy day

So, I get a message from an old friend from my college days and he has a box of old minis he wants to get rid of 'to clear up some mental space'.

I gladly accepted them.  For mental space reasons, of course.

Then, later the same day a completely different friend offered me a box of miniatures that she wanted to get rid of 'to clear up some mental energy'.

Naturally they where grenadier monsters that where all gaps in my collection (and that is a tricky thing to do).

Naturally, mental space comes first!  I bravely accepted them.

What is going on?

Anyone else got some mental energy they need clearing up?  ;)