Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Gifty McGiftface and The case of the disappearing Hobbits

Pippin:  'Lol.  Aggro'ed.'

One of my gift mini packages arrived today.  This gem plus a stack of plastics of various LOTRiness.

Sadly, some of the fellowship have journeyed elsewhere, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth (of Sauron).  A big thanks to Eyecandy animation in Canberra for the donation!

So I have a confession.  

Sorry... But I hate Lord of The Rings.  The books, the films and especially The Hobbit in all its dreadful forms.  Now, I appreciate the significance and importance of the series... I just don't like it.  None of it.  About the only thing I dig is the concept of Ringwraiths riding Fell Beasts.  A ghost on a giant fucking carrion thing swinging a mace? That's freaking great!

I.. Uh.. Oh, fuck it... since I am confessing geek shame, I also really hate watching anime.  I can stomach the GITS movie and Akira, and the studio Ghibli stuff is charming, but everything else I have seen just shits me.  Especially the TV series stuff like fucking Attack on Titan and bloody Neon Genesis Evan... Fuck it, why bother finishing the title, the ending was shit.

What else?  Oh yeah... Torchwood.  Uhg.

And Capaldi.

I have a lot of dislike for geek stuff.  Should I hand in my geek cred card?


  1. Well I wouldnt say I hate them, I enjoy reading the Hobbit. Though reading it as an adult I forgot how whiny the whole party is. LOL I also enjoy the Fellowship of the Rings Movie, then the other ones tail off. I like some anime, more the I'm stuck in a game as a real person ones. I don't think you need to hand in your geek card though. I mean you do run a miniature and game line. ;) Looking forward to seeing these painted up, although...wait for it...confession...I've never really like the GW LOTR minis. Some are cool like the Mounted Gandalf the Grey and the original Eowyn on foot, but the others are...meh. But hey at the end of the day, I enjoy seeing well painted minis and blogposts, from meh Oldhammer friends.

  2. Don't worry, I hate loads of "geek" stuff. Last night I was reeling off a long list of why american superhero comics/films are ridiculously stupid to my long suffering wife....plenty more where that came from!

  3. Oh god American super heroes. Uhg.