Friday, December 26, 2014

Nurgling around with green stuff

Xanadu is on telly.  So I was elsewhere.

The blightking box is very model specific in its parts.  Torso variants A and B fit model 1 only, for example.  So what is a girl to so when she likes both A and B?  She reaches for the dremmel, greenstuff and fixes the problem.
As usual, I added super sculpey to the green stuff.

Aaaand since I had the dremmel out I decided to do this.  Mmm, nurgling peekage.

And a bit more to my Blanchitsu warband... Mostiqorr!  He sucks worse than xanadu!  My first pain engine parts come into play!

So this leaves me with all these parts.  Five models for 100 bucks?  Lol, GW... you failed to factor in my cheapness and sculpty skills!  I see six more, yes I do! A project I shall document next year as 'kit pushing'.  I promised myself I would squeeze THREE giants out of the citadel giant.  And dammit, I shall!

Speaking of projects, once I paint these I am heading back into old school territory.  
 Stay tuned.

Great.  Now I have "got to believe we are magic" stuck in my head.  Thanks Kat.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Jitter free hobbying

Putrid Blight kings.  Not to be confused with the kings of putrid blight or the blighted putrid knights (splitters!).

Them's all stuckered together like and converted whilst the turkey digests.  Bwaahp!

Honourable mention to the engineer behind Gutrot Spume (not to be confused with Gutrot Smith).  A seriously clever bit of plastics mould cutting.  But a dull head... I switched it out for something more interesting.

I need to charge a good camera.  Still on my shit apple 3.

Oh and a chaos undivided demon.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Saturnalia offerings pleaseth the King

Loot!  Plastik krakk!  Ermagerhd, germs werksherp!

The end times are upon us (well, end of 2014 at least).  I may have to fold and get a glottthingie to go with them!

A decidedly creepy array of prezzies for me this year (plus expensive smelly girly gunk like lip glosses that I am sure you couldn't give a crap about).  Those wracks are going straight to my Blanchitsu inq32 bitz box!

So what did sanity claws bring you all?Comment the ever merry shit out of the comments section... or I will sonic screwdriver your faces upside down!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shakes (sadly not the hippy, hippy kind)

Graboid my Bacon

 Hey all,

  I just had a lovely week vacation in the local hospital.  Good news is I am home now, bad news is I have anxiety tremors that make me thrash around like a Silent Hill Nurse riding an Alien that has just been pulse rifled in the nads.

I am told it is not permanent, and I should recover in a few days.

I hope it will die down in time for me to enjoy the plastic crack Sanity Claus will no doubt bring me!

Oh, and I saw the new GW 32mm bases.  CALLED IT BITCHES!!  Remember I said that would be the first thing I did with 40k?  Yeah.  Hopefully they will follow my other suggestions.