Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Skulldred 4 Bones wip

So here is a WIP shot of my two Skulldred playtesting warband.  Lots to do, and I am just aiming for tabletop ready standard at the moment.

Reaper Bones are a really cheap way to do this.  My goblins cost $9, three bugbears for $15 and so on.  That is retail price- you can probably get cheaper directly online.

One cute trick I have been using is the office cappachino machine to heat up and straighten the bent shafts (ooh missus!) by applying steam directly to specific areas.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Over the last few days I have been rebuilding two cheap Skulldred warbands  using Reaper Bones for playtesting and diagram photos to replace those lost.  You may remember the bugbears I bought for therapy, the pillar to remind me of your support etc?  Well those have been joined by a six pack of goblins, a sodding great ogre, some tiik fishmen and a sea hag.  I have been speed painting them to tabletop standard, and it has been lovely to get back on that horse.

As for rules, I have recovered a Skulldred beta 4 PDF version from an email (it is actually one I sent to Ken St.Andre to review) and am currently porting it back across to open office ready to rebuild.

The nice thing about Bones is that they are durable and heavier than GW plastics on larger monsters.  I worry about snapping my GW giant, but a Reaper one?  I could drop kick that bitch across the room and it would be fine.  Anyone in its path probably wouldn't be.

My friend Rhiannon capped off the warband today by gifting me this bad boy for the size 5 category monsters.

It is freaking huge!  

I do love a good undead dragon, since I first battled The Dracoliche in Pillars of Pentagarn.  I have a couple of great lead ones, but was always loathe to play with them as they are a tad fragile.  This one is dropkickable too.

I am dead impressed by it so far.  Cannot wait to see it in action!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Crow Thing!

Well folks, I am officially back producing work!

Here is the final concept for Chaotic Crow-Things leader mini.  Crowangle has long been my most popular mini, outselling absolutely everything three times over.  So I thought I would kick off with his big brothers... a new faction of creepy crow things.

These chaps are just shy of human size, with optional wings, or backpack.  Along with the leader, I plan to give you a pack of modular Crow-Things warriors which you can mix and match parts to make a swarm of these critters.

CrowThing Leader
The green for the leader is already underway.

I am midway through setting up a Patreon.  You will be able to become a Patron to get access to hand signed and numbered prints of all the new concept artwork and illustrations, discounts and access to limited edition variants.  Plus I will be auctioning off the actual original art for you to hang on your wall as part of my strange wanton urge to pay my rent and do this full time.  It's this crazy thing called 'being an artist'.

Thanks again for all the support!

Moving in day

Today was special.  I set up my desk at The Arcade in Melbourne.  It is a collective tank for games development run by The IGDA, so I am surrounded by geeks getting shit done.  My neighbors made games like Armello, Crossy Road and The Fighting Fantasy mobile games.  It's lovely.

I don't have my box containing unfinished greens yet, and only have basic tools, so I am starting a few new minis from scratch until I can get that shipped up and can finish older works.
  I even had to run around Melbourne gathering basic supplies like Kneadatite, superglue and balsa wood.  But by seven o'clock I was settled in and had puttied flat tops on my three balsa mini handles ready for work tomorrow.

What is special about this is that it is all funded by you, my fans.  I will be focusing full time on doing retro mini shit now.  New figures, new webstore, patreon bonus material, illustrations, concept art originals and numbered signed prints, and of course Skulldred (once I have the hard drive shipped and restored.)

This is my job now.  Thanks to you.  X