Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pew pew

10/10 Abrams.  The Force was strong with you.

No spoiler posting below people.  Just know it is daaaaaamn good.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Official! Darkling is back!

Thanks to everyone's generosity, I am pleased to announce that I have just secured Darkling Games new Melbourne studio.  I am just upstairs from the folks who made Crossy Road, funnily enough.

Work begins January 4th, then there will be a delay as I build our new website, wrap up outstanding comissions and set up our Patreon launch vids and redbubble shop.

Then it's full bore on all new releases, tutorials and art.

Once my old pcs arrive and the discs are recovered, Skulldred will begin again and Kingsminis will return!


Now... If you will excuse me I have to find a house.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Thank you all again

Yesterday I grabbed a Reaper Bones 'Pillar of Good'.  I was just window shopping with a friend when it caught my eye.  I got it to remind me what a pillar of strength you have all been to me.  Gaaaaw, look, you made me go all soppy.  Soppy and geeky all at once.


Hmm.  That needs work.

Planning the future

Thanks everyone for helping me get back on my feet.  I thought I would just give an update on my plan for the new year as it stands.

I will be setting up residence in a games startup collective in Melbourne.  This time, however, the focus will be on doing what I do best... this stuff.

I am thinking the best path for me is to reboot Darkling Games around a Patreon core structure.  Patrons will allow me to just sit all day and make Skulldred, new fantasy illustrations (for posters, cards and merch), new miniatures and then expansions, scenario packs and other old school things.  Patrons will also get access to painting tutorials, videos, skype tutes, exclusive content/minis and hand drawn art originals and painted mini commissions.

This means me at a desk, 8 hours a day, doing nothing but cranking out old school goodness.

Skulldred, Bride of Skulldred, Pint o' Skulldred, 30mm Dungeon Tiles, Stardred, D'Undred and so on, plus t-shirts, merch and minis.

Sounds like a dream for me.  What do you think?