Monday, November 27, 2017

Silver Tower and Shawn Bawn WIP

Goddam it there are so many damn good figures in here!
Priming begins.  Going white this time to really make them pop.
Not set on colour schemes yet.

I thought I would play with some blending and stroke medium from Jo Sonja's range. I dragged out an old figure for some fun.

Still a ways to go, but I am impressed with the stuff.  Just need some practice and a few tests to see if it is trustworthy.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Climbing the Silver Tower

During roll20 dnd this morning I assembled the remaining sprues of Silver Tower minis.  (Pats back)  I considered finishing my cultists, but I find I have to really  concentrate to paint.  Smooshing grey plastic crack is about the level of concentration I need for me to effectively roleplay my angry little moon elf warrior street rat pocket rocket with ease. 

Last DnD session I glued together my project Z female survivors. Today it was my current shame project, The Silver Tower.  Next sunday?  Probably rebasing Doom minis.

To be fair, I wanted to wait til I moved in before finishing this game, the figures are so lovely that a little bit of special love was needed.

Also they are fragile as fuck.

I held off on the second monster sprue because I don't like doubles, so some conversions are in order.  I usually convert whilst doing commissions to eat up spare putty, this lot will need serious attention so I think they must wait until after my two remaining comissioned sculpts.

Oh, I also fucketh ye up olde Tenebrae Shard's fragile bits (no, not those fragile bits).  He will need some putty loving too.  I am also not sold on his face.

  I am not a fan of the thaumaturge face, and am thinking of switching it out for his staffs skull head.  Way cooler.

As for the second sprue, a little arm switching and head reposing would be a good start, but I have my heart set on doing the AOS28 (stoopid name) sightless conversion on the horrors I saw on Twitter the other week.  Way creepy.  I have that huge box of sprues coming back with me after xmas, so conversion parts aplenty!  Sure, the shame project will have to wait, but hey... cool minis!  Forgivable yes?

Last night I pushed along my Cthulhu cultists and cowgirls paintjobs but forgot to take pics.  Soz.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Elizabeth Summers and her Posse

Lil' Ole me dun made hersself a little bit of progress this very night.  On none 'tother but my Dead Man's Hand posse.  Yours truely was floundering about for themes, when I struck upon the mighty fine idea of making them akin ta alternative universe versions of characters I love.  That's some darn tootin grade a problem solvin' y'asks me.

So folk, we have what will as be 'Lizabeth Summers, Hope Lehane of The Boston Lehanes, Zoe Leafwind, Deputy Hawt and her Partner Waverly Earp (some folk talk have it they are sly for each 'oer), oh... and golly of it taint Ma Summers and her trader friend Drummer Gee with a pair o' shotguns. A thankee.

I dun halfway through this fine bunch o ladies.  Skin is last because I found a bunch of seams that need a fixin' for I can go on.

Gonna mosey off to my bed.  Nite folks.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Text message of C'Thulhu

I grabber this Eldrich Horror mini from Reaper many moons ago, and it was about time I painted her up.  However the face was a little dull for my tastes, the eyes on the side of the head don't scream predator, so I resculpted the face.

I did this in two layers. The first was greenstuff, the second my fave blend of 50:50 procreate and aves apoxie sculpt.  The latter is very firm and lends itself to building up masses very well.

Still lots to do on her.  I keep finding seams, do will have to give her a once over with a rat tail diamond file  after she has dried well.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Hello? Oh hi C'thulhu, thanks for calling

Pulp Miniatures hooded minions

Just a quick work-in-progress pic for you to enjoy.  I made some progress over the last few days on my bargain bin score from my local bricks-and-mortar store.  Despite my best mental backflips, I am still buying minis faster than I paint them.  That just won't do.

Things have been a little stressful this past month so I found myself reaching for the healing power of impulse buying to soothe my troubled soul. 
I must confess, I spent a little too much of late setting up my home with vital supplies of kitchen utensils, fruit, storage containers,  Dead Man's Hand Daughters of The West minis, a few Reaper bones minis and art supplies.

Oh.  And Buffy Funko Pops.

Vital stuff.

So I have managed to start turning around my backlog nicely, though as yet have nothing finished.  These cultists should be rather easy to get across the finish line.

The minis (from Pulp Miniatures) are pleasant and simple, easy to assemble and paint with plenty of gaming applications.  I give them two thumbs up and will definately be buying more of the range in the future.

Cannot have cultists without some horrors for them to summon, and I had this Reaper Mini's Spawn of Cthulhu laying around.  She is just perfect for the job.  I am part way through resculpting her face because... well, for starters... I can *sticks tongue out*.

But I think the eyes where too far to the side in the original, and this will have more impact.  I am also eying off the wings for further resculpting at a later date.

This whole thing makes me want to track down some classic Cthulhu minis.