Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mushroom tool tutorial

In this daring episode our brave adventurer experiments with 'shrooms and sees pretty things.
I think the picture is pretty self explanitory- but here is how to make buckets of shrooms quickly with green stuff.

  • First take a bit of plastic or wood to form the base of your mold.  Roll up some hard putty of your choice and stick it on. I used a hard 5 minute putty.  Apply vasoline to a big clay shaper and use it to form cone shaped holes.  Waggling the shaper a bit will make shallower shrooms.  You can also poke in holes for spots.

  • Once dry, brush lots of vasoline on the mold.  Bend the tip of your wire a little to give a small hook.  Roll up green stuff... use more blue than yellow and mix in a little fimo to take away the stickiness. 
  • Pop in a small ball and pack it in using the back end of your shaper to form a bowl.  Poke in your wire with a slight hooking motion and pull out your shroom.
  • Snip the wire and insert into a holder to dry.
  • Remember to give them a wash in soapy water before painting to remove vasoline so your paint sticks.
  • If you want to put the gils in, do this after the wire is added using a razor.
  • Bend the end of the wire and apply to your base with superglue.  Bury it in your texturing material and you, my son, are done.

  Have fun kiddies!  Remember... in the eighties all Golden Demon winners had shrooms on the base.  All of them.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines day

Here is a snap of my current tray of rebasing fun.  1980's citadel orcs mainly- which are all done now and ready for final paint jobs.  The orcs are all tinted game ready paint jobs- I have yet to go over them and sexy them up.  It is going to be fun having a full playable set of greenskins again.

Orcs, savage orcs, citadel limited editions, malifaux and impact minis- all reach second base. 
  I want to get some more original savage orcs for a separate war band- so I gave them a olive brown color schemeand will be making primitive shields for them.  I was tempted to paint my Pygmy models in a less racist manner by making them Savage goblins... but part of me wants to keep them as a reminder of how UN-PC Games Workshop used to be.

  The hp lovecraft mini is front and centerish.  He needs priming, painting, paranoia, agoraphobia and just a hint of racism.  Did anyone do a Robert E. Howard mini?  I think I may rebase him onto some eldritch engraved flagstones.
  I am toying with making a 'mushroom' maker tool.  Tutorial if it works.  (DONE!  See next post!)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

1000 bases in a box

Oooh.  That ought to hold 'em.
My box of bases arrived from impact minis.  1000 x 30mm beveled bases.
  Also included was H.P Lovecraft, The Dude (Lebowski), superdeformed Warduke & Uni from Dungeons And Dragons TV show and a Matt Dixon vampire chick.  Great casts- I will definitely be shopping there again.  Heck... I may even get me an elfball sports team.
  Tonight I rebased my orc warband, my Molly Squidgepidge Malifaux team and some lovely old chaos figures- more broo and a few thugs.  The bases look great- plenty of decoration room that is giving me a few ideas.
  I also grabbed some modgepodge for water effects... it is like pva but dries crisp and clear.  It is brilliant stuff!  Some experiments will follow no doubt.  I find it grabs sand very well too- far better than regular pva.  I suspect it will make great medium for washes... I will try that soon. I love new art materials to mess with.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Darkling Games is live

Hey folks. is now up and running!
  The forum is also live... but empty of course, do pop by the introduction page and post- plus if you have painted any of my figures I would love to see them in the showcase gallery!
New sexiness that is

  Our fancy new content management webstore is taking longer than we hoped, so we had the old one sexied up ready to take the upcoming new releases this month.  Yep.  This month.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Demon hunter 45mm

A work in progress shot of one of my Cancon acquisitions.   This is the demon hunter- a sister of battle like figure released in the second and ultimately last wave of Inquisitior figs.
A bitch to pin as she had nine parts, but satisfying to get done.  I have base coated her so far.