Sunday, February 2, 2014

Demon hunter 45mm

A work in progress shot of one of my Cancon acquisitions.   This is the demon hunter- a sister of battle like figure released in the second and ultimately last wave of Inquisitior figs.
A bitch to pin as she had nine parts, but satisfying to get done.  I have base coated her so far.


  1. Gah, this one has been lying in a box mounted but unpainted for so many years, please finish her soon so that I can copy you with my modest skills and get on with her...
    She looks fab already

  2. Looking good so far, Dave. You are killing it on the new acquisitions already (the hedgehog looks fabulous as well)- lesson learned from year's past perhaps? :)

    1. Precisely! Assemble hard stuff first, THEN paint the fun ones!

  3. Those skull nipples are hillairious