Monday, August 25, 2014

Dnd miniatures. Fail.

Random boxes sets!  Crappy rubber!  Twenty dollars each!  Need ten mites for your scenario?  Well you sure as hell ain't gonna buy enough random boxes to get those.  Therefore you eBay them.  Therefore box sales from game stores diminish.

  They didn't learn a thing.

Hmm.  Think I might have to kickstart some styrene multipart plastic kits next year.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sphincter beast revealed

Finally, a picture of the fabled sphincter beast miniature!  Thanks Steve!

As promised, I shall henceforth sculpt a modern one so players may finally have ass-ass-ins of their own.  It will be a great warm up to ease me back into Darkling miniatures.

Rare, old school, ugly as ass

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I picked up the d&d starter.  Pretty close to what I would have done.  Glad to see the ampersand logo is back.
The cover is a big disappointment.   It totally misses the brilliance of the Elmore orgininal.  Elmores dragon was coming at YOU... right out of the frame.   Between you and the dragon,  a dynamic fighter... clearly your character... the spoils of gold behind.  It summed up the game, reached out to grab you.
This editions dragon droops into frame in washed out pastels... the fighter framed out... the logo apologetic in it's sizing.

Bad art director.

I picked up the prepaints too.  They are sprayed and awaiting fresh paint.  The details shallow and poses mostly weak.  Why not unpainted, snap together styrene in six colors?  Why Drizzt again?  Why not  Warduke?  Or the classic mix of base characters?  Why the oriental armor designs?

Meh.  Close but not perfect.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Felix Jaegerbombs and Antonio

The drought is broken.  I painted these up last night.  Nothing fancy, but good to get rolling again.
Felix Jaeger, C01 Fighter (Antonio, Terror of the Lichemaster)

Not dead yet.

Yes, yes, I got sick again with my weird ass condition.

But fear not- after years of confusion about said weird ass condition, I finally have an official diagnosis from a specialist, and thanks to the wonders of modern medicine and a butt load of pills (not literally, I might add- those are suppositories anyway, not pills.)  I am better than I have ever been. Seriously... I have energy now.  It's freaking cool.  I feel like I have superpowers compared to where I was.  Tis magic!

Anyway, it is going to take a little time for me to settle back into a blogging and game development routine, as I need to cram freelance jobs to make up for lost time.  Kate and I are looking for a new house, and things are probably going to pack down for that too.

I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone for the emails asking if I was well, oh and for the Four Liebster awards.  I have to look up what they are, because I am just ignorant about the interwebbything and stuff.  I am pretty sure they don't win me money, which is a shame because I do so like the stuff.  It buys lead.  And paint.  And more lead.  Can we have leadster awards?

I would like to thank Sterling Archer for keeping me out of the dangerzone.  Because that is how you get ants Lana.

Since getting my mojo handed back to me by a very nice specialist, I have done hobby stuff, but nothing exciting.  I have based up / rebased and primed a couple of hundred minis (all on 30mm bases you may like to know) and tonight I will be picking up a paintbrush for the first time in a long while.

Wish me luck!