Saturday, October 28, 2017

PAXaus Reaper Paint and Take

Yesterday I had the honour of being a speaker on the Women In Games panel "Always Here" at PAX Australia.  It was a fantastic day of catching up with gamedev friends and supporting girl devs.

  Today, however, I had little on, so I decided to kill some time at the Reaper Minis Paint and Take tables tickling some bones with a hairy stick.  I got a leeeeetle bit carried away, and painted three minis.

The competition was nail biting, and the audience where really damned lovely and we chatted nervously as the judge picked over our offerings.  All the suspense paid off and I ended up winning a champion spot...

Or... you know...

three champion spots.

Three of the five bases are belong to me.  Bwa ha ha ha.

Actually, putting aside my braggy-for-laughs character I play here for a moment and being genuine fragile, insecure me... I am giddy as a school girl.  I haven't won anything since I was one, and even then it was third prize at our local Virgin Games Grenadier minis painting competition.

So yeah.  Stoked.

All entries had to be painted then and there at the tables using the supplied paints and brushes.  No lamps.  No scalpels to clean up the models.

I maaaaay have purchased quite a few Reaper minis whilst at PAX.  What was that?  Of course I will post pics here... tis what I do.


*dances off*

I picked up the 25th anniversary mini, familliars of land and sea, victorians, pugwampis, a cowgirl and a ghostly hanging judge.
The sea familliars are for my recent pirate thing.  I mainly got the familliars for the pug and iguana.  Because reasons.

I am tempted to kick off some female wild west teams after I get through all these.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Roll20 UX experience

So I player my first roll20 gsme yesterday and have come to the conclusion that it desperately needs a UX (user experience) designer to work on it.

Thought I would list out my suggestions for great improvement.

1: List player names and character name on avatar.

2: amalgamate tabs and floating UI into one tab set. On right, keep play space uncluttered.

3: make seperate, obvious tab for toggling between character sheet and tabletop.

4: make tab icons more obvious.

5: GM hits button to auto generate initiative order for combat, instantly placing a strip down left with each chararacter and enemy in order.  First is highlighted- current player has YOUR TURN message and sound.  Avatar is highlighted and framed, token is framed.

6: Enemy tokens get numbers appearing top left so you can discuss which is which and this appears in the creature's initiative order entry.

7: dice rolls show dice image and big bright FAT numbers.  Critical rolls make different sounds.

8: current armed weapon icons appear above your avatar when it is your turn. Click to roll to hit, they then have a damage icon next to them.

9: hitpoint tracker circles around PCs allows GM to track HP. Players see just their own.

10: player maps scroll to include newly revealed enemies. Checkbox this off if you don't like it.

11: optional wound and heavily woundee icons for enemies and/or PCs. Simplified to one, two or three red slashes signifying light, medium and heavily wounded appearance.

12: GM sets a big, fat count down for waiting game.  Optional GAME HAS BEGUN voice announcement calls players to their computer.

What are your thoughts?

13: character sheet is a mess.  Fat icons on anything that can be rolled.

14: hitpoint tracker, spells, weapons, skills can be seperated from sheet and brought up in mini tabs.

15: launch pop ups as browser tabs as default behaviour.

Power weekend

I put in a killer session yesterday and managed a great many things. I am proud of me. Yes, yes I am.

First up, I assembled and based up my Female Zombie Survivors from Project Z.  The sprue is lacking in useful things like head and arm variants, but chockers full of RPGS, rifles and uzis for some reason.  Details are a touch too fine and fragile, and posing them so their hands meet their guns is a bit of a bitch without ball sockets.  Still, I persisted and with a lot of filler and a somewhat chewed tongue got this little ragtag bunch together.  I would rate the kit as 'good, but flawed'.  A version 2.0 would be very welcome.

They scale pretty well against Walking Dead Total War minis on the table- but a touch smaller.  I much prefer WD:TW in material, thickness, character and durability.

Speaking of Walking Dead: All Out War, I base coated and washed these little loot tokens.  An easy kill.

Enough of all the Z stuff, now onto R stuff.  Well, arrrrrrr stuff.


I actually got to apply some paint, having found said paints as I unpacked on Saturday.  My back is killing me by the way, thanks for asking.  It was nice to return to the hobby, albeit in a limited space with a limited selection of paints.  But I have tools aplenty.  I have tools up the wazoo.

TMI perhaps.

Aaaaaanyway, behold! This is my Work In Progress shot of The Merry Skyjackers.  I don't know about you, (I really, really I don't) but I love to come up with backstories and names for my figures whilst I paint.  I know, I am missing a few screws.

Story of my life.

So in the mix are Crusader, Artesan and Reaper pirates.  I may have a slight pirate mini thing right now.  I dunno why.

Oh, and I switched to a new blogger app as blogger is just flat broken now. But answering comments isn't available in the new app. I am not ignoring you.  Shit is never easy.  For interactions, you can follow me on Twitter using this handle: @delaneykingrox

Life is slowly returning to the light.

Friday, October 20, 2017

First day back on hobby

It is only my first day back on the hobby so I thought I would start slow.  Just a bit of base prep tonight then basing and priming tomorrow.  I am aiming to get back in the swing of things, and slowly work my way back to sculpting.  Aquiring lamps tomorrow to that effect.  Two outstanding commissions to do.

Most of these minis where just what was on sale at my local bricks and mortar.  I nabbed me some bargains.

So here we have a couple of ranges of pirates, official DnD blink dogs, Spoderman villain clix, pulp cultists, Reaper anniversary minis and super rare Sandra Prangle from McDeath.

Oh and Paternoster Detective Agency, Clara Oswald the greatest assistant and the second worst Doctor Who thanks to Moffat. Fite me.

So spot any delicious new minis you like?

Thursday, October 19, 2017


I am no longer homeless!  Hooray!  No, wait... upgrade that to a huzzah!

Throw in a 'hey nonny no' for good measure. You've earned it.

So yes, I am now a denizen of bright bohemian Collingwood in sunny* Melbourne.  It is very gay and very artisan breaddy and coffee snobby.

(*usally pissing down)

So to celebrate my total lack of space, I purchased two Chessex carry cases.

They good.  They very good.

You can't buy a case without something to go in it, so some Artisan pirates looked at me funny from the bargain bin.  I picked up two Reaper pirates for a budget warband.

Also those stone finished Renedra bases are bound for Funko Pops! That didn't ship with stands.

Hobby time returneth.

I feel like life is restarting.  I have a new home, new phone, new job and PAXaus is very soon.  See y'all there.