Sunday, October 22, 2017

Power weekend

I put in a killer session yesterday and managed a great many things. I am proud of me. Yes, yes I am.

First up, I assembled and based up my Female Zombie Survivors from Project Z.  The sprue is lacking in useful things like head and arm variants, but chockers full of RPGS, rifles and uzis for some reason.  Details are a touch too fine and fragile, and posing them so their hands meet their guns is a bit of a bitch without ball sockets.  Still, I persisted and with a lot of filler and a somewhat chewed tongue got this little ragtag bunch together.  I would rate the kit as 'good, but flawed'.  A version 2.0 would be very welcome.

They scale pretty well against Walking Dead Total War minis on the table- but a touch smaller.  I much prefer WD:TW in material, thickness, character and durability.

Speaking of Walking Dead: All Out War, I base coated and washed these little loot tokens.  An easy kill.

Enough of all the Z stuff, now onto R stuff.  Well, arrrrrrr stuff.


I actually got to apply some paint, having found said paints as I unpacked on Saturday.  My back is killing me by the way, thanks for asking.  It was nice to return to the hobby, albeit in a limited space with a limited selection of paints.  But I have tools aplenty.  I have tools up the wazoo.

TMI perhaps.

Aaaaaanyway, behold! This is my Work In Progress shot of The Merry Skyjackers.  I don't know about you, (I really, really I don't) but I love to come up with backstories and names for my figures whilst I paint.  I know, I am missing a few screws.

Story of my life.

So in the mix are Crusader, Artesan and Reaper pirates.  I may have a slight pirate mini thing right now.  I dunno why.

Oh, and I switched to a new blogger app as blogger is just flat broken now. But answering comments isn't available in the new app. I am not ignoring you.  Shit is never easy.  For interactions, you can follow me on Twitter using this handle: @delaneykingrox

Life is slowly returning to the light.

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