Sunday, October 22, 2017

Roll20 UX experience

So I player my first roll20 gsme yesterday and have come to the conclusion that it desperately needs a UX (user experience) designer to work on it.

Thought I would list out my suggestions for great improvement.

1: List player names and character name on avatar.

2: amalgamate tabs and floating UI into one tab set. On right, keep play space uncluttered.

3: make seperate, obvious tab for toggling between character sheet and tabletop.

4: make tab icons more obvious.

5: GM hits button to auto generate initiative order for combat, instantly placing a strip down left with each chararacter and enemy in order.  First is highlighted- current player has YOUR TURN message and sound.  Avatar is highlighted and framed, token is framed.

6: Enemy tokens get numbers appearing top left so you can discuss which is which and this appears in the creature's initiative order entry.

7: dice rolls show dice image and big bright FAT numbers.  Critical rolls make different sounds.

8: current armed weapon icons appear above your avatar when it is your turn. Click to roll to hit, they then have a damage icon next to them.

9: hitpoint tracker circles around PCs allows GM to track HP. Players see just their own.

10: player maps scroll to include newly revealed enemies. Checkbox this off if you don't like it.

11: optional wound and heavily woundee icons for enemies and/or PCs. Simplified to one, two or three red slashes signifying light, medium and heavily wounded appearance.

12: GM sets a big, fat count down for waiting game.  Optional GAME HAS BEGUN voice announcement calls players to their computer.

What are your thoughts?

13: character sheet is a mess.  Fat icons on anything that can be rolled.

14: hitpoint tracker, spells, weapons, skills can be seperated from sheet and brought up in mini tabs.

15: launch pop ups as browser tabs as default behaviour.


  1. Hi Delaney,
    Interesting comments on Roll20. Have you had a look at MapTool, which is a part of RPTools. I think it makes up for almost all of the issues that you have with Roll20. It's also completely open-source, highly modifiable, with libraries for almost all of the rpg systems going 'round.

    Its also great reading your blog.


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