Saturday, October 28, 2017

PAXaus Reaper Paint and Take

Yesterday I had the honour of being a speaker on the Women In Games panel "Always Here" at PAX Australia.  It was a fantastic day of catching up with gamedev friends and supporting girl devs.

  Today, however, I had little on, so I decided to kill some time at the Reaper Minis Paint and Take tables tickling some bones with a hairy stick.  I got a leeeeetle bit carried away, and painted three minis.

The competition was nail biting, and the audience where really damned lovely and we chatted nervously as the judge picked over our offerings.  All the suspense paid off and I ended up winning a champion spot...

Or... you know...

three champion spots.

Three of the five bases are belong to me.  Bwa ha ha ha.

Actually, putting aside my braggy-for-laughs character I play here for a moment and being genuine fragile, insecure me... I am giddy as a school girl.  I haven't won anything since I was one, and even then it was third prize at our local Virgin Games Grenadier minis painting competition.

So yeah.  Stoked.

All entries had to be painted then and there at the tables using the supplied paints and brushes.  No lamps.  No scalpels to clean up the models.

I maaaaay have purchased quite a few Reaper minis whilst at PAX.  What was that?  Of course I will post pics here... tis what I do.


*dances off*

I picked up the 25th anniversary mini, familliars of land and sea, victorians, pugwampis, a cowgirl and a ghostly hanging judge.
The sea familliars are for my recent pirate thing.  I mainly got the familliars for the pug and iguana.  Because reasons.

I am tempted to kick off some female wild west teams after I get through all these.


  1. Nice work! Are they the Bones version of the troopers?

  2. (While judging)...
    "pretty sure this one was done by Delaney. Or this one. But can't both be done by her. I mean, she *would* have had enough time to do two, but she wouldn't have entered, right?"
    (After judging)
    "I really set myself up for that, didn't I..."

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