Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sean Bean is my test peice

I decided on a color scheme and theme for the warband of humans I assembled from the LOTR scraps box someone gave me.
Here is a snap of the test peice as I am playing with looks.

It's going to be aqua/creme with a sea goddess theme. They can battle my Reaper Fishmen warband for coastal superiority.  I haven't decided on the skin yet- was toying of going green!

I am loving the new GW metallics.  Such an improvement in metal flake size to their older stuff.

Monday, February 13, 2017


I had my first 'viral' tweet thingie happen two days ago.  It clocked 1,423 by this morning and brought over 200 follows. 

Oh yeah, incase you followed my mini blog for ages and didn't know, I am a professional video game and VFX artist and have a whole bunch of AAA games under my belt- including Dragonage Origins.  I have also given Kratos his eyebrows and pit hair, made Batman for Rocksteady Games' pitch to DC comics, worked on the preproduction team for Assasin's Creed, made the cutscene characters for Civilization IV, did The Mumakil in Lord of The Rings Online and painted every Kobold you ever grinded on in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach. Yup. 

What is really nice about this is that it is mostly young lgbtiqa+ gamers who are reacting positively because they didn't know that transgender women are part of the games development industry in such key roles.  They love Dragon Age and they now feel even more connected to it and now know the industry door is open for them.  Being able to be the messenger for that is pretty special.

Recently I was attacked by Gamergate for the second time. I expect a third attack soon after this.  What is really cool is seeing the response from Gamergate pale into insignificance compared to the massive positive reaction to this post.  They really are a sad smidge of very vocal little assholes compared to the mass of great people in gaming.

Tabletop and RPGs are no different.  There are many trans people involved in your products.  We are just regular people, and we tend towards writing, design, coding, music and art as growing up, these are empowering activities that can be done from the safe retreat of one's bedroom. Being bullied and feeling like you don't fit in drives us into these areas.

Anyway, thought you may like to catch a glimpse of my life outside miniatures.

If you wanna follow me on twitter- I am @delaneykingrox.  I mainly post miniatures stuff, flirt with Eliza Dushku and crack rude jokes with Gail Simone and Freddy Prinze Junior.  You are welcome to listen in.  

Have a fantastic hobby session.  Treat yourself to something nice today and remember, don't let the bastards grind you down.  :)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Eureka Chaos!

The missing Darkling shipment arrived last night (wrong number on address it turns out) so I will be getting those in the mail to you all in the next few days.  Thanks for being patient!  I move house in the next few weeks so will be able to hold stock for future orders :)

Inside the box was also my Chaos Army by Eureka minis!  Bosch Bosch Bosch!  Loadsa lead.  They are absolutely fantastic figures, certainly the weirdest, most fun fantasy figures I have seen in a long while.

I used fender washers for the bases this time, as I plan to... no, it's easier to just show you... gonna do this...

I am piggybacking them all on Skirmish trays.  I made these from MDF drinks coasters, and holding washers in place with a light dab of glue, built up around them with Aves Apoxie.  Once dry, I will pop out the washers.  Later I may drill and glue in some diddy neodymiumiamy magnets.

Oh, and I popped into visit my friend Lauren Stardust (check out her hilarious #fuckedbyaunicorn hashtag on twitter) at her game store and look what I found!   The roper from the dnd prepaints!


Okay, I am off on a date.  Wish me luck!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Suffragette City of The Dead

My chicky babe collection just went up by ten.  These will be starring in one of my first video blogs as I abuse this kit to make other stuff :)

At least one of these heads is bound for those spess mehreens I got given :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kiss Macragge

I got to raid the scraps box at my local game store and came up with a few sprues of basic Spess Merhehns.  This was my test peice for a squad of The Blanchitsy Betsys.

She came out quite well, like Kristen Stewart on SNL a few days ago.  Totally called that BTW.

The base is made from a Renedra 25mm disc, bicarb, superglue and tree bark.

A spot of tortured John Blanchey freehand on the pauldrons is the focal point fot her super suit.

Her remaining five sisters will be Vlog material... because yes folks, who has six thumbs and raised enough money on her gofundme to get a high end webcam and tripod?


A super massive thank-you to all here who contributed to camera-ising me.  I shall endeavor to start shooting content for my vlog after I move house this fortnight.

This also came in the post a few days ago- my friend I used to roleplay with in high school sent me his original 1988 catalogue!  Thanks Julian.  :)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Armoured Ghoul Warband in the style of Austen

When a lady of my social rank and persuasion finds herself in great need of some leisurely persuits and yet found herself lacking the foresight to prepare for its rare occurance, what is she to do?  Surely the noble persuit of a husband of means and status should suffice to fill the feeble mind of a lady- and yet, dear reader, I do not hasten to call the carriage to whisk me to London for such a persuit, for I must confess the lowly rumours you have no doubt heard spoken of in hushed tones as you go about the village are, for once, quite accurate in regards to my sapphic tendencies.  Thus a quest to find a husband most undoubtedly will come to no good, for either involved parties and I must alas turn my mind to other trivial trifles to tinker with to keep myself from my very wit's end.
Thus, dear reader, your humble journalist found herself today engaged in the persuit of a relaxation via the base craft of miniature decoration.  A form of minor idolatry that I can only imagine the clergy would overlook for such is its spiritual benefits that one can easily cast aside any thought of eternal damnation.  But forgive me, I digress.

Without expectation of leisure time, I had sought the safety of my office to store my miniatures collection, and so I had no access to toys to tinker with.  Yet, in a blinding flash, I recalled a box of figurines most kindly and thoughtfully donated to my cause by a friend, and set about finding it with great haste.
Reader, I quickly laid hands upon the long forgotten gift, and, turning it out upon the desk found a collection of ten mostly intact models that I could easily salvage.  
Notwithstanding my previous missives bemoaning the great works of Tolkien (and my dissatisfaction furthermore of the dreary series of plays based upon his works by Mister Jackson et al), I find myself thusly in posession of many models from that tired oeuvre.  What to do?
Well, dear reader, I struck upon the idea of redressing my models in the guise of Armoured Ghouls, for that is what, to my eye, they mostly resemble.
I also took it upon myself to create a themed warband, and to allow myself some frivolity in my selection of palette bringing some gaity to my work.
I am certain you wish to see my progress, so I have included in this letter for your edification, an image of the incomplete work.

There is still much to do before I am satisfied, however I think you would agree they are of sufficient quality to enter the field of battle upon the dining table.
I am thusly greatly pleased with my efforts, and attained the desired relaxation of which I so greatly craved after many stressful weeks without reprieve.

The shields are quite barren, and I fancy the addition of a banner to the solitary pikeman to make him a standard bearer- however I am greatly distracted by hunger and must dedicate the morrow to commissions that still await my labour.  I am afraid it may be some time before I complete these scurrilous savages.

I imagine the addition of a few elements of whimsey, sculpted by yours truely to augment the most fantastical nature of the ghouls. I am tempted to strip them of their weapons and manufacture a more fantastic arsenal for them. I shall set my mind to the challenge in due time.

I hope my letter finds you in good health, do pass my warmest regards to your sisters- especially the prettiest of them.  I must away and prepare myself a humble supper to appease my beastly belly.

Yours, most prideful but far from prejudiced, Ms Delaney King