Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kiss Macragge

I got to raid the scraps box at my local game store and came up with a few sprues of basic Spess Merhehns.  This was my test peice for a squad of The Blanchitsy Betsys.

She came out quite well, like Kristen Stewart on SNL a few days ago.  Totally called that BTW.

The base is made from a Renedra 25mm disc, bicarb, superglue and tree bark.

A spot of tortured John Blanchey freehand on the pauldrons is the focal point fot her super suit.

Her remaining five sisters will be Vlog material... because yes folks, who has six thumbs and raised enough money on her gofundme to get a high end webcam and tripod?


A super massive thank-you to all here who contributed to camera-ising me.  I shall endeavor to start shooting content for my vlog after I move house this fortnight.

This also came in the post a few days ago- my friend I used to roleplay with in high school sent me his original 1988 catalogue!  Thanks Julian.  :)


  1. Loved the freehanded shoulderpad.

  2. Hi, Delaney.

    I'm a long-time-lurker. I found your blog by accident while researching some Oldhammer junk; Love it!

    I like the Space Marine, especially, the free-hand art on the shoulder pads and base; your bases always look great.

    It's nice of your friend to send you that 1988 catalogue, please, post some images of it!?