Monday, February 13, 2017


I had my first 'viral' tweet thingie happen two days ago.  It clocked 1,423 by this morning and brought over 200 follows. 

Oh yeah, incase you followed my mini blog for ages and didn't know, I am a professional video game and VFX artist and have a whole bunch of AAA games under my belt- including Dragonage Origins.  I have also given Kratos his eyebrows and pit hair, made Batman for Rocksteady Games' pitch to DC comics, worked on the preproduction team for Assasin's Creed, made the cutscene characters for Civilization IV, did The Mumakil in Lord of The Rings Online and painted every Kobold you ever grinded on in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach. Yup. 

What is really nice about this is that it is mostly young lgbtiqa+ gamers who are reacting positively because they didn't know that transgender women are part of the games development industry in such key roles.  They love Dragon Age and they now feel even more connected to it and now know the industry door is open for them.  Being able to be the messenger for that is pretty special.

Recently I was attacked by Gamergate for the second time. I expect a third attack soon after this.  What is really cool is seeing the response from Gamergate pale into insignificance compared to the massive positive reaction to this post.  They really are a sad smidge of very vocal little assholes compared to the mass of great people in gaming.

Tabletop and RPGs are no different.  There are many trans people involved in your products.  We are just regular people, and we tend towards writing, design, coding, music and art as growing up, these are empowering activities that can be done from the safe retreat of one's bedroom. Being bullied and feeling like you don't fit in drives us into these areas.

Anyway, thought you may like to catch a glimpse of my life outside miniatures.

If you wanna follow me on twitter- I am @delaneykingrox.  I mainly post miniatures stuff, flirt with Eliza Dushku and crack rude jokes with Gail Simone and Freddy Prinze Junior.  You are welcome to listen in.  

Have a fantastic hobby session.  Treat yourself to something nice today and remember, don't let the bastards grind you down.  :)


  1. As a teacher, I have seen and supported young people who have struggled to come to terms with gender identity. Your post, a while ago, about the issues facing transgender people was very educational and helped me to better support young people - thank you. It is vital that someone goes first, sets an example and blazes a trail. More power to your elbow!

  2. It's pretty fucked up that women still ragged on for working in the gaming industry or being 'gamer girls'. It's not even by old men whose sensibilities are stuck in the 1950's, it's by younger men who really should know better living in this era of equality (well, I say that, it's still far from a perfect equality, but at least it's ongoing work in progress).

    I'm stupidly envious of all your achievements: Keep up the good work! ^^


    1. Thank you. I shall keep up the good work, except on Wednesdays when I will phone it in at best

  3. Wow very cool and a very impressive cv!