Sunday, February 12, 2017

Eureka Chaos!

The missing Darkling shipment arrived last night (wrong number on address it turns out) so I will be getting those in the mail to you all in the next few days.  Thanks for being patient!  I move house in the next few weeks so will be able to hold stock for future orders :)

Inside the box was also my Chaos Army by Eureka minis!  Bosch Bosch Bosch!  Loadsa lead.  They are absolutely fantastic figures, certainly the weirdest, most fun fantasy figures I have seen in a long while.

I used fender washers for the bases this time, as I plan to... no, it's easier to just show you... gonna do this...

I am piggybacking them all on Skirmish trays.  I made these from MDF drinks coasters, and holding washers in place with a light dab of glue, built up around them with Aves Apoxie.  Once dry, I will pop out the washers.  Later I may drill and glue in some diddy neodymiumiamy magnets.

Oh, and I popped into visit my friend Lauren Stardust (check out her hilarious #fuckedbyaunicorn hashtag on twitter) at her game store and look what I found!   The roper from the dnd prepaints!


Okay, I am off on a date.  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, sweetie! ^^

    And that little army does look like so much fun in lead form! ^^

    1. Date was a bust. She reminded me of Mike Myers, which I guess is okay if you are into Mike Myers I suppose. But hey, so much lead fun to return to :)