Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ranger retouched and rebased

Just a quickie today.  I did a quick touch up on an old ranger with the goal of dotting I's (or, eyes in this case) and crossing T's in my mostly done painted collection.  Even with my workload I can fit in one mini to polish and wind up at a time.

The photo is crappy, but it's more about charting progress.

In the years since he was first painted, I have learned a great deal, and I thought it worth noting.
First thing I did was thoroughly dust the mini and give it some lahmium medium coats to matt the surface down ready for new paint.
The main upgrade in my technique is using strong contrast between shadows and highlights to make the model pop on the gaming table and in dim light. Though he was originally subtly shaded, I kicked him up a notch witha few simple glaze passes and some edging.  Deeper washes punched out the flesh and seperated the fingers.
The base was decorated with rotten wood, tufts and leaf litter to really sell the outdoorsy aspect of the character.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rustoleum magnetic primer

It works!

I applied Rustoleum magnetic primer to the inside of a box file and it actually works!

Eight coats, stippled on with a sponge and voila-  Enough grip to keep my minis still even with a good shake of the box.