Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lead getting heavy

Okay, lead pile is getting seriously heavy.

New arrivals include 1980s retrodel juice Sauron The Dark Lord, Chaos Dwarf Marauders, the four classic Elementals, as well as life and death elementals, Ally Morrison hobgoblins and some more zombies.  You can never have too many zeds, right?  Damn straight.

Adding to the pile is a few tasty Reaper peices this month.  I couldnt resist the quaint mole men 3 pack, and also grabbed the cavegirls- all of which I dove straight into painting the minute I got home.  My first Darksword batch is also coming along, though I am seriously disliking the integral bases.  Judging by the new release photos they have not learnt their lesson yet.  A half an hour date with a razor saw is not my idea of fun.  Anyway, three down, two to go.  Beautiful figs, but I am leaning more towards Kev Whites style of figures right now.  Which leads me nicely onto a big box of Hasslefree arriving today.  I am pretty stoked with them all- Oakley, powered armoured libby and a whole team of zombie fighters.  Awesome stuff.  I will have to put these on a backburner, however, as I need to post some more Retrodel soon, coz thats what this blogs all aboot.  Fortunately the hasslefree box contained sprues of metal shields, which will be put to good use on some of my old figures shortly.

My war vs. the Leadpile is going to have to be stepped up in the coming months, otherwise I will just have to stop collecting until I dent it enough to gain its respect again.  Expect to see pics of soft touch figures such as dwarves, orcs and Lords of Battle soon!

If your reading this, you will appreciate Somewhere The Teas Getting Cold...
orcses.  Retrodelicious.

Ciao for now.