Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I picked up the d&d starter.  Pretty close to what I would have done.  Glad to see the ampersand logo is back.
The cover is a big disappointment.   It totally misses the brilliance of the Elmore orgininal.  Elmores dragon was coming at YOU... right out of the frame.   Between you and the dragon,  a dynamic fighter... clearly your character... the spoils of gold behind.  It summed up the game, reached out to grab you.
This editions dragon droops into frame in washed out pastels... the fighter framed out... the logo apologetic in it's sizing.

Bad art director.

I picked up the prepaints too.  They are sprayed and awaiting fresh paint.  The details shallow and poses mostly weak.  Why not unpainted, snap together styrene in six colors?  Why Drizzt again?  Why not  Warduke?  Or the classic mix of base characters?  Why the oriental armor designs?

Meh.  Close but not perfect.


  1. Just spitballing an idea, what about Lego minis for quick games? Almost endlesss iternations of all of the pieces, and so easy to customise. Not quite the finesse of a mini, but very hardy and could be quite funny.

    1. Why stop at Lego minis?? Lego dungeon floor plans, lego traps, lego treasure chests filled with gold plated lego coins!!! This is the most incredible idea ever! *head explodes*