Friday, December 26, 2014

Nurgling around with green stuff

Xanadu is on telly.  So I was elsewhere.

The blightking box is very model specific in its parts.  Torso variants A and B fit model 1 only, for example.  So what is a girl to so when she likes both A and B?  She reaches for the dremmel, greenstuff and fixes the problem.
As usual, I added super sculpey to the green stuff.

Aaaand since I had the dremmel out I decided to do this.  Mmm, nurgling peekage.

And a bit more to my Blanchitsu warband... Mostiqorr!  He sucks worse than xanadu!  My first pain engine parts come into play!

So this leaves me with all these parts.  Five models for 100 bucks?  Lol, GW... you failed to factor in my cheapness and sculpty skills!  I see six more, yes I do! A project I shall document next year as 'kit pushing'.  I promised myself I would squeeze THREE giants out of the citadel giant.  And dammit, I shall!

Speaking of projects, once I paint these I am heading back into old school territory.  
 Stay tuned.

Great.  Now I have "got to believe we are magic" stuck in my head.  Thanks Kat.


  1. Oh I do want to see 11 models out of the 5 blight kings that would be great, and how could you possibly get three giants out of 1 set?? Do tell.

    1. First you look for the star parts... The bits you only get limited amounts of. The body and legs, in the giants case. Then you need to know cheap, clever ways to replace these parts with cheap materials!

  2. very nice (in a suitably horrible way) conversions.
    I look forward to seeing the rest.

  3. Love the nurgling poking his head out, looks great! Why do you add sculpey to your greenstuff? Great work, totally inspires me with my converting and painting projects, thanks!

    1. It increases sculpting time, decreases stickiness and allows you to blend things together easily. It also decreases memory so it holds shape instead of rounding back out like blue tac.

  4. peeking nurgling is awesomely cute/cool!

  5. Work that kit! Work it!

    Mostiqorr is groovy. Gotta love the pain engine bits.