Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy new year

Happy new year folks!

Welp, tis that time when we reflect back on the year past and summarize that bitch.

On the hobby front, I actually got a reasonable amount of stuff done, a little over 30 figures finished through to varnish, and plenty pushed along in a factory pipeline kinda way.  I think the progress made on the other figures is probably going to mean a lot of finished figures this year.


My hobby time in 2014 was interrupted by two weeks of hospital stays, some severe depression and a flurry of freelance work.  Sublime to ridiculous.  My laptop for Skulldred died, the B broke off on my $100 keyboard, which isn't replaceable and was clearly built to break.  Logitech.  Grrrr.  Teeth.


It was definitely a good year for aquisitions.  I have a Cryx warband and several Malifaux 1.0 warbands in various stages of production, collected several big boxes full of Games Porksword sprues and bits ranging from Forsaken through to Genestealers which should see me fixed for a year of conversion hobby fun, and of course some fantastic classic metal.  This year I added a one peice limited edition Zoat, a metal reaver Titan, two metal marine Dreadnoughts, a Mcdeath Dragon Turtle, A Bob Olley 'Dragon vs. Dwarfs', some classic space pirates and a few more figures for my Lichmaster collection.  I also found a box of metal 40k minis just laying by the road ready for the street rubbish to be collected... it included 90's blood angels, metal landspeeder and metal terminators.  I know right?  Amazeballs.  I wonder how they are enjoying my stripping jar?

Speaking of finds, in a few weeks it will be CANCON and my Birthday, which means more haul if I am lucky.  I LOVE that my Birthday falls just before Cancon's second hand stall manifests.  Race you to the goodies kids, and try not to trip over the guilt of not having painted ANYTHING you grabbed last year.  ;)  I REGRET NOTHING!!!!


First up, let's talk about you.  Last year I did something I was terrified of doing, which was come out as intersex and announce my transition.  It could have gone really, nightmarishly bad- there are a lot of messed up people out there who just cannot fathom biology past primary school standards.  But it didn't go bad.  It went well, and clocked up the biggest response of any of my blog entries.  Oh geesh, I am starting to tear up a bit.  Thanks everyone, it is brilliant to have such support, and even better to have several people write to me and talk about their own struggles with similar issues.  I feel I have already helped by standing up and taking that big step.

Pat yourself on the back humans!

My transition has gone extremely well.  I have been able to go about my life as a woman without fear of harassment or abuse.  Apparently I just look like your 'average mid 30's lesbian arty geek chick' as one person so eloquently put it.  Suits me!
It is sooooooo relaxing to be in my correct gender now, and I love the way GW staff are not quite sure how to react to me.

GW Dude: "Who are you buying for?"

Average mid 30's lesbian arty geek chick:  "Oh, these are all for me."

GW Dude:  "Oh.  how long have you been collecting for?"

Average mid 30's lesbian arty geek chick:  "Uh, I think since 1985.  Kev Adam's metal snotling pump wagon and a Minotaur Lord- but my collection goes right back to first release citadel figures.  I have a literal ton of the fucking things."

GW Dude:  "................................................  Okaaay then.".

Heh.  Rofl even.


Kat and I finally fell pregnant through the magic of science!  Little King is due in March 2015!  I should have him painting minis by 2025... stay tuned!


   I think I am going to call 2015 as the 'year of wrapping up hovering projects' for me.  Let's clear the deck and freshen up this studio's energy a bit.  But all this is dependant on the sleep little babes is going to give us.  Let us all give offerings to the chaos gods he sleeps through the night.  Bless.

 I have two boxes of unfinished scenery, which would not take too long to wrap up, so that is a good start.  Having a cat kinda stopped my tabletop gaming with lots of scenery.  I have no idea how to solve that problem.  Hopefully more space in the house we hope to move to this year.

  I am hoping to do a few more classic 'eavy metal style articles, focusing on things like orc skin, tinting, extending GW kits and of course the one I have been itching to do. The SHERWOOD store opening robin hood dwarf I was so honoured and blessed to be given in order to make the John Blanche 'Undead Assault' tribute.  That needs a special edition all to itself.

On the Darkling front, I hope to get the new webstore finally up so we can list all the new minis I have made.  Oh, and the paint.  I have BOXES of paint here to flog.  :)

I have already started sculpting again, you will be all glad to know it is the sphincter beast kit is first up.  Yep.

Okay, fuck off and do something important.  By the way, I hope you all had a FANTASTIC year and will have a BETTER one!



  1. Love putty and hugs to you too Lady !

    Congrats on passing the genes in a more elegant way than the ovipositor/genestealer/alien way ! Good to know your amazing skills will be passed on to some lucky kid !

    Have a wonderful year ;)

    1. Dating rule #1: Never date a girl with an ovipostor.

  2. Lots of good news in there. I hope there's more on the way for you in 2015!

  3. Excellent! Can't wait to see what the new year brings for ;)

  4. Congratulations. Don't be surprised when you find yourself forgetting about minis while you gaze in wonder at your child :)
    Hope you still get some hobby done.
    Happy new year!

    1. Makes me think of this...

  5. 'average mid 30's lesbian arty geek chick' - I hope to attain this standard of presentation =)

    though I'm never likely to play it, (but hope to get them painted this year) must compare Cryx minis when complete.

    all the best with gaming, painting, job stuff and child/monster rearing =D
    Much smiles, Jess

    1. OMG get there as fast as you can!!! The grrrls LOVE an arty geeky chick!!! Had I been that way in my twenties I would never have had time for miniatures! ;)


    2. Interesting factoid for non LGBTIQ readers: 2 out of 3 trangender women are attracted only to women- sexuality and gender are seperate parts of the brain that develop at different times. Uh huh, m'yep.

    3. lol... getting a bit educational aren't we =)
      anyway! looking forward to more news on skulldred

  6. 10 years before the King of rugrats can paint, no a chance. Had mine painting at 7 and one of them paints way better than me now, gnarghhhhh. Actually last year was a complete s..t for me so this year will be much better and include much lead and some plastic and maybe the odd game. Looking forward to your paint exposé old school style.

  7. Congratulations! I'm a longtime lurker that should be better on commenting but I'm glad it has all worked out for you. Also don't be surprised if you don't get that much time to play with your little lead men ;)

    Looking forward to your tinting tutorials, as my attempts to work with washes and glazes instead of the good old layers over black undercoat have never convinced me.

  8. Great news about the wee un! We're expecting our second one in late March, so see you in the hollow-eyed haze of infant parenthood then. Happy trails! =)

  9. Congratulations on the impending arrival! Such things do have a way of changing your life a bit... seems like you have had a good test of changes lately anyway!

  10. You will have to re-write the rules and class the cat as a dragon/ force of nature as he or she rampagesa cross the playing field?! Either that or they get their own army!

  11. Congratulations! I wish I'd known this when I saw you yesterday, so I could've said congratulations in person (coincidentally, I thought I'd already followed your blog, but I must've forgotten to press "Follow" when I was reading it a while ago ... No wonder I hadn't seen anything in ages, silly me!). Best wishes to you and Kat :-)