Saturday, January 24, 2015


Great raid.  Lots of loot.  Less quantity then last year, but more 'fukkinNOway...yoink!... Mine!!!' Moments.

Imagine a world where you can get ten Fimir for $100 AUD.  That would be a nice world.

Happy birthday to me!  Seriously, I never dreamt of collecting these.  I just could not justify the ebay prices.  But ten bucks each?  Sold.
I am not even mad about the missing head.  That just says 'Pete Taylor conversion' to me.

I also scored an original Nagash for fifteen dollars.  Voted the ugliest miniature of all time, Morley's monstrosity was nevertheless a challenge I happily accept at that price.  It's like the game Daikatana.  People bought it just to see how bad it was.  Perverse.

And the rest of today's loot.

Five champions, Aly Morrison Oriental heroes, a gatorman shaman, Lahmian vampire, chaos sorcerer and Ral Partha orcses.  Note that the musician has a certain sword sheath required for a certain Undead Assault project.
I also grabbed an ogress in metal.  Nice to see the usual sexism alive and well at GW.  She is armed with a rolling pin and cooking pot, because a woman's place is in the kitchen, even on the battlefield.  But hey, charming figure that will be a blast to paint.
My final grab was a bag of undead shields that will help my lichemaster terrorise.
The packaged champion is going to my trades list.
A big thanks to the lovely Kara who won the 'find the fringe' challenge.  She kindly held my box of loot whilst I ran to the ATM to borrow money from evil capitalist pigs (cheers).  May your squig hunt be successful (and post pics) mantis grrrl!.

Turelio went all kinds of colours when I showed him my winnings.  I let him stroke my bag of Fimir.  (Check his blog out, he is uber painty).  I also enjoyed making him cry by opening the chaos champion mint blisterpacks and making him smell Nottingham factory air circa 1993 with me.

We both agreed nineties Nagash is a great challenge.  Can I make him not look like a christmas tree raping a confused cheap mexican papermache sugarskull whilst lazily doing the Macarena?   Can I give him some of the dark dignity the lord of undeath deserves?  Turd polish mode engage!

Tomorrow will see me sculpting Napoleonic zombies at the Eureka stand.  Come and say hi.  Bring food... the catering is terrible.  :)


  1. And I didn't even rummage through the box while you were gone, not that I would have 'misplaced' your goodies.

    The artist is called Igor Siwanowicz. He used to be on deviantart but now the only gallery of his work I can find is on PhotoNet And of course he has a facebook page.

    He's getting into microscopy, Some fantastic alien forms and wild colours.

    This one should be familiar, but in much better resolution.

    All my entries are in the Painting Comp now too, but I'm not back till Monday. Accommodation fell through so just getting a ride back on Monday to collect my painted minis.

    Squig hunt showed up nothing, but I've got 16 squigs for the BloodBowl team so it's all good. But I must have them all, someday.

    1. Bless you, and fingers crossed on your comp. Post pics!

  2. Nice haul. Sweet deal on those fimir!

  3. There isn't enough turd polish in all of Christendom to save Nagash, I fear. Worst... miniature... ever.

  4. I always called that figure the "Clown Prince of the Undead", thought it belonged in a circus as the Ring Master.

    1. You made me snort cornflake milk through my nose, dammit!
      Should I paint him Juggalo?

  5. Had to come and dig out this post to let you know: I have a Nagash now. My weeps of jealousy were overhead, and a trade was made with me a few weeks later. Of course, he is now ferreted away in one of my boxes, but I'm hoping to get him done for a Christmas project or something around there. I am so tempted to try to recreate the Mike McVey paint job and base for him.


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