Saturday, January 24, 2015

CANCON raid 2

Day 2 of CANCON was fun.  I converted some napoleonic zombies for Eureka miniatures live on the show floor so people can see how it's done.

Gosh, it is fun doing zombies.  I am so tempted to sculpt a batch.  These particular two are off to be cast next week.

I also found these...

The C11 giant replacement weapons I did a while back.  I am looking forward to getting these cast.

I raided the Confrontation bin with ten blister packs of Midnor and Goblins.  A triplet of stags also will make great mounts for a buck each.

My dog mini fetish made me do it.  Eureka animals, Malifaux McMourning squad, hag, spawn mother and some awesome Bruegel inspired critters from Eureka.  Paint cue bump for those!

" Dahgs... Do yoo lyke dahgs?"


  1. Great to see your sculpts, very inspiring (as usual!). Being a hobby butterfly like you (aren't we all) I love the variety of minis but its interesting to see how your recent old school mini's really shine, even these zombie sculpts remind me of the old citadel Kev Adams sculpts (Spring 86 Journal open as I type). You're hobby mojo has returned after time spent in the plastic wilderness...;) Long may the fickle painty-sculpting gods of chaos favour you my friend!

    1. Thanks! I am hoping they keep me as a champion... A few more mutation rolls and knowing my luck it's spawn for me.

  2. A triplet of stags also will make great mounts for a buck each. boo hiss

    Otherwise, great loot from this and the other day.

  3. Gosh you are clever! I hope one day I get to see one of these scultpting sessions in action I am in NZ so it's in the realm of possibility!

  4. I missed out on Sunday at CanCon, my accommodation fell through and I had to go back to Wagga. But I came back on Monday to collect my entries for The Crystal Dragon Painting Comp.

    Squig Pics after the Link:

    1. Amazing stuff. So much squiggage!
      I must check out the classes too next time'