Friday, January 16, 2015

Stirges suck

I only had an hour of hobby time today.

Stirges fall into the 'uhg, flying base... I will do that later' category, so these little blood sucking bastards have been loitering for a long time in my collection.  I had planned to use clear plastic rod, but the holes where just too small to make a strong connection.  I opted for blackwires, not because I like them, but because I wanted it done.  The skulls are a spare from The Skullchucker kit.

I used the colours from the AD&D 2nd ed monster manual from the time.

The photo is bad, the paintjob unfinished, but it charts my progress.  I want to do a second pass on these to add more contrast and highlights to the wing ribs.  The bases will get shrooms too.  Possibly baby shrieker mushrooms.

Last night I based and primed my entire Skaven horde, my remaining Talisman figures, and every last citadel AD&D minis bar the carrion crawler, which I need to find a nice base for before I glue it together.  All in all, a pretty good session.

Long way to go but it's gonna be a fun ride.


  1. Congrats for having the courage to paint those, I've got some and really don't know what to do with them as they're really not sexeh...

    1. Juggle them, maybe? Glue them to your hat and see how long it takes for people at a convention to notice?

  2. Pure 1d8-1 awesomeness, D. I really like the reddish brown color on the fur- works great with your mossy green bases and stalagmites. The skulls are a great addition to the base, too.

    It is fantastic to have you painting and posting so often again. I am always psyched to see King's Minis pop up on my feed when you are in one of your hyper-productive hobby modes. Looking forward to seeing more on this Skaven horde!

  3. Excellent as usual, nice to see more frequent posts. Incidentally the transparent flying rods can be drilled so you could put a small piece of wire in the top to connect the rod to the figure. To make it look a bit better you may have to cut off the smaller plug at the top, but it can be done.