Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Progress on the shame backlog

Nothing special tonight for you, only this journal entry that I have finished emptying out and rebasing all my Night Horrors, Eternal Champion and all the non Rackham stuff from my CANCON haul, bar the stuff currently being stripped.  I plan to be good and get through these all by next CANCON.  All the Eureka Brughel minis and dogs are off to one side of this picture awaiting a spray prime. 

I am pleased to find that I have a small Skulldred sized warband of Melniboneans to enjoy.  I will borrow from Phil Lewis' excellent paint jobs for these. Enjoy the shitty pic!  As I say, often these are just reminders of progress.


  1. Look forward to what you'll do with the Melniboneans. I've got an army of them sitting in the lead pile but little idea as to what colour schemes to go for.

    1. They are cruel, pompous, immensely rich, decadent and masters of demon magic. Does that conjure a palette?

    2. I did paint a couple of test pieces years ago in gold armour but I don't like the colour I achieved. I was thinking of going for a dark slightly tarnished gold now. Something old and eldritch but I still need to come up with an exact colour I'm happy with. I definitely want to do one unit of elite cavalry in black armour and I have a unit of elite spearmen that I'd also like to give black armour. Bit off canon maybe but it would look cool. The other problem is trying to pick a colour scheme that doesn't leave them looking just like dark elves or high elves. It's taken me around 6 years to collect 150 infantry and 30 or more cavalry so I really should try and do something with them!

    3. "cruel, pompous, immensely rich, decadent and masters of demon magic"

      This could be a description of the Kardashians!

      SCL: Sounds really cool and I will look forward to seeing them!

  2. Concerning SKULLDRED, do you have an idea when you'll publish 3.0 free rules and Beta?