Thursday, March 31, 2016

Digital green: chaosette wip

It's been a while since I have had access to a PC that can do digital sculpting.  I had a bit of a play last night and knocked out this digital green of a chaos thug.

I haven't done any 3D printed minis yet, so once I am done playing with this I want to get a few run off.

Lots to do, the proportions need to be pushed more to eighties minis to fit my theme and she probably will have some clothes, armor and more chaosy weapons. 

But hey, nice to be back making stuff.


  1. Great (new) start ! I agree the proportions need to be pushed towards more oldschool ones. Realistic proportions tend to look weird when scaled to 28mm.

  2. Oh very nice Delaney! Agreed Old Skewl her up! ;)

  3. Do both old school and these proportions. This would make a great dark elf warrioress with just a touch of realistic armour. If you had both it opens more of a marketing potential for you with other companies. Not sure if this is what you want but hey just a thought.

  4. Could just as easily be a Wood Elf too! Either way, need long boots with lots of those little spikes/nubs on them, that'd be on theme! ;)

  5. I always wondered why you'd not done this before....


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