Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The little Talos pain engine that could

Talos pain engine.  I wanted one so much I actually went Into a Games Porksword shop and actually interacted with the staff.  Shudder.

I made it out alive.  Just.  So I am now armed with a box of nasty, gribbly pain bitz for my inquisimunda conversions.  Yay.  I feel like I need a shower, but dammit I made it!

I am now upstairs chillin' with an assam tea in the goodgames store above GW, listening to nerds nerding hard.  Ahhh, my people.

Actually, I had a pretty good kitbash session last night.  I knocked up a few more thingies to Blanchitsu.

I also had a couple of good putty sessions on my sphincter beast and ass cannon.  I hope this isn't going to be a big theme of my work.


  1. It was worth it. The talos kit is a veritable cornucopia of terribly useful bits. My adeptus mechanicus genestealer cult would be lost without it.

  2. "- Hey Delaney, what you been doin' lately ?

    - Oh the usual stuff, pushing putty on my sphincterbeast and asscannon..."

    I did exactly the smae as you did to pick a box of Astra militarum scions too and the experience was... intersting. How did you like the smell ?

    That cronos is really appealing, the only thing preventing me from an impulse buy is the price (and the promise of a beating from my wife). All those bits are screaming at me "pick me and use meeeeeeee" That's how bad my nights are.

    1. I got 5 almost full sprues of talos from the warhammer trader page on FB for bugger all. You could try that?

    2. I know you mean it well but please don't blow away the poor excuse wall I've tried to build betwen myslef and that damned model addiction (goes off to ebay).