Monday, September 22, 2014


To kick off the adventures of Delaney King, I decided to Blanchitsu the shit out of my bits box.  I had a lot of fun, and I can see a warband or three emerging from this.  First a skavenger mutant "Gruyere".

Photo courtesy of Samsung Galaxy screen engineers who forced me back onto my old, old, old, old iphone.  Because dropping a phone on lino should destroy it utterly.
I have to dust off my old camera and shoot him properly once I get more done.

I followed Johns description of his modern technique from white dwarf, first painting in all the base colours, weathering, then using washes of devlan mud mixed with gryphonne sepia, blending highlights here and there, then giving the final glaze of thin mud/sepia to give that yellowed varnished look.  I used pen to add dots, stitches, chequers and words. 'This cursed earth' on the scroll refers to a quote John used in a painting from the eighties.  Because.
I deliberately over-varnished the whole thing with layers of gloss spray, giving the model a smoother, more porcelain effect, then matting down parts with matt medium.

I used a Skaven clanrat, Dark Eldar gun and Flagellant head.  They felt used.

The green stuff was 2:1 yellow:blue with a hint of supersculpy added to remove some of the putties 'memory' quality and increase working time.  This is perfect for filling and detailing, but produces a very soft, rubbery material once dry so don't use this for structural stuff.  As this reduces stick, you will often have to dot superglue with a cocktail stick under some parts to makes sure it will stay on.

I used my old green pipe roller tools too.  Love those.

The base uses bicarb and superglue, for authentic JB baseyness.

Later alligators!


  1. Replies
    1. I was totally appreciating the teeth too! Pure paint effect too I think (?)...well done.
      The whole fig is pretty great.

    2. Ta. Putty teeth- added after first lot dried. Added a mouse ear too.

  2. Great conversion Delaney! I might have lopped off the tail, but it certainly works with the pose.

  3. Loving this dude. The teeth are definitely winner, he's one sorry ass mutant. The painting is super groovy, you sure have the Blanche thing going on. He cries out for a few mates.

  4. Modern Blanchitsu - CHECK

    You could have taken it from his collection it wouldn't have looked any different.!
    I'm only concerned about one detail : where are the checkers or black flame patterns ?

    You're excused because it looks fab as always.

    1. Chequers on gun handle! No room for black flames. I also missed the obligatory skull or two on base.

    2. Gosh, you totally did the checkers ! Good thing you kept the skullz aside, it would have neared IP infringement too closely ;)

  5. Great looking kitbash resulting in a very natural looking figure...topped off by sublime painting.

    Out of interest, which WD issue does John cover those techniques? I'd be interested in reading it.

  6. That looks fantastic. The kitbashing/sculpting is great, but the painting is even better, regardless of the dodgy photo issues. I would fear tetanus from handling the model.

    The buck teeth strongly remind me of Quovandius, the first 54mm mutant model for "Inquisitor".

  7. A wonderful figure. Do you know in what issue of WD Blanche explains his method? I might have to get a hold of a copy. I'm always looking for ways to make my painting more chaotic and grubbly.

  8. Replies
    1. And for what it's worth, I'd like to know what issue that was too. . . :)

  9. love it! (I also feel a number of "WHAT ISSUE WAS THE ARTICLE IN" voices, need answering :P )

  10. Must try the bicarb thing on the base some time - looking good and grimy!

  11. Damn that's like Blanche became and Antipodean just like that!

  12. If anyone is still waiting on a notification on this post about the issue to try find a copy. It's the December 2009, issue 359 US/360 UK, has a picture of Empire Handgunners on the cover