Thursday, June 30, 2016

Boning Harryhausen and Pulp

Nothing exciting today peeps- the weather in Melbourne is chilly and moist, meaning spray priming is out.

Still, progress is progress, and I have progressed with progression on the progress on... Fuck, where was I?

I dun did stuff to minis.

Reaper Bones Hydra and Cave Troll
Since it's Harryhausen's birthday (ish), bless him, I thought it time to finally base up that Reaper Bones hydra I got a while back for my Skulldred Demo Table.  A cave troll hovering about also got a based.  Considering it's Ray's day- I feel like he should be converted to a cyclops, rather than the obvious LOTR homage that he is.  I dislike LOTR, so he will not be grey when I finally paint him.

One does not simply post a meme in her blog

I am gonna heat up the hydra and repose her a little- mainly curling that tail back onto the base to make gameplay easier.
I was thinking the base needs some broken pillars or something.  I will worry about that once the hydra is painted.  I just used a CD and some cork- but it will be very boring.  Maybe some stonework or critters or treasure on there.  I will raid the Bones shelf to see what bits I can find.

Buzz Barker's Island Hoppers by Pulp Minis

Tally appears to be somewhat ho on this next picture.  Pulp Minis.  I went with the spanner option for the mechanic, since my collection has plenty of guns in it already, and maybe I feel a little uncomfortable with guns at the moment, after the whole Pulse Massacre and following bullshit gun lobbying shitfest.  I will get over it, I am sure, but I have to admit balling my fucking eyes out for a good week.

I went with Renedra Low Profile 25mm bases, they seemed swamped by my usual 30mm.

Here is a progress shot of the minis I started on.  Still a lot to do, and I am disappointed by the amount of dust in the undercoat.  That room was awful.  May just strip and do over.

Inquisitory chicky babe (in case the boob armor didn't give you a clue) and Citadel EPIC Chaos Primarch 
Welp, signing off with an older picture of me back when I was a redhead (I am goth black now)- with one of my Ray Harryhausen laser scan dolls.  Thanks for all the good times Ray, you magic man, you!

Welease tha Kwaken!


  1. Hmm spanners, you can chuck them you know? Almost as dangerous as a Swiss army knife. Don't you dare strip those two minis, your demon leaves mine for dead and you can't see any dustiness in the paintwork in fact it seems rather smooth, particularly the green.

    1. I'll second that. Like the muted colours on Angron.

  2. Just to turn you green - I got to see some of the original figures Ray created when I last visited the media museum in Bradford UK. I was surprised by the size and how tatty some of them was. Good luck with the hydra - looks a lot of work

  3. Nice call re: RayDay - I had totally forgotten (for shame). His films were source-mana for my prepubescent geekness. After seeing the first film I couldn't look at a blob of clay in the eye.

    That hydra is the tits btw. (yes, a stone column or broken neck chain would work nicely) Must get one...