Friday, July 1, 2016

Hydra base redux

I am actually finding being home sick a positive experience at the moment.  It has given me a chance to wind down and tackle some of my niggling little real world life stuff, like unpack the suitcase I have been living out of for nearly a year into my wardrobe, sort my prescriptions out, file some files in filey places. 
 Thank you all again for saving me from homelessness by donating to my GoFundMe which got me in front of my current employers.  Now I am earning my way back onto my feet and supporting my son.  I feel rewarded for all the years of work I put into this blog.  Thank you.

I also ventured out today to buy some warm clothes and visit the hardware store for more practical real life stuff- but never mind that bollocks.  Naturally, my hobby brain insisted I come home with a dusting brush, five minute epoxy and a wooden Kaiser craft coaster that maybe sorta might be just the ticket for my hydra.

It was.

REAPER Bones Hydra

I murdered some of the Reaper Bones Mr. skellingtons to add drama and threat to the base.  They where boring and posed the same anyway.  They died (undied? Died again? Deddered themselves moreso?) so The Mighty Hydra could come to life!

I reposed the tail upwards and around using boiling water and ice water- which is why it isn't primed and overbrushed.  It still overhangs a bit, but it should still be playable without hitting other models too much.

Not sure what colors to go for.  I was going to do a tiamat homage but I would prefer to leave that for a tiamat mini.  I want a giant, decent tiamat mini to cap off my collection- even if I have to sculpt her my thrice damned self.  So swear I on the blood of eighties cartoons that left us without and ending*!  

(*Those kids are still fucking stuck on The Dungeons & Dragons ride, tripping their balls off on whatever The Dungeon Master slipped them.  Anyway, fucking Tiamat rocked my little brain.  I have a Warduke and Uni the Unicorn mini- but will have to convert me the rest.)

For this critter I am thinking brooding dark scales with violent red accent pattern scales.  Maybe yellow to give a toxic feel.  Certainly strongly colored faces to draw attention.  Not sure yet.  All this uncertainty is giving me doubts.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Thanks to my dear friend Niohme Hatchman for keeping my head warm and googly through my illness.  We have already discussed in detail how my intersex nature makes me a child of Slaanesh.  Now I feel Tzeenchian enough to tackle that sexy, sexy Silver Tower box set soon.  :)

Check out her comics at

And maybe buy a hat.

Remember, Tzeench can see you.


  1. I think deddered is the correct term. ;)
    Looking forward to the paint job.
    If you do end up sculpting a Tiamat I will be all over that with monies. Lol
    Glad things are finally settling down. Stay Chaotic my friend. ;)

    1. Deddered it is!

      Spike Milligan: oh no! You done deddered me! I don't like this game.

  2. Since you mentioned the D&D cartoon: Did you see this? The kickstarter is over but I'm sure they will be available later. Peace.

    1. That is gold! Gold I tells ye!

      Lil' fuckers all grew up!

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