Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lesbian zombies attack IKEA

I survived my chest infection without any xenomorphs bursting through it, and apparently have not become undead.  Has anyone here actually eaten brains?  I have to say I am curious.  If they are nice, then sod becoming an apocalypse survivor, I am gonna get myself bit and have me a bit of a nom nom nom zom rom com fest.

Seriously though, It was touch and go there for a bit.  The doctor was 'very concerned', had me on hospital standby and I had a lot of scary tests.  I was actually scared.  Tough couple of months.

On a lighter note, I always find it amusing when the X Ray technician asks...

 'So Ms. King, are you sure you are not pregnant?'


'Are you certain?'



'I'm a lesbian.'


'Oh.  Ohhhhh.  Okie dokey then'.

Today is the day my IKEA desk arrived!!! This officially puts me back in action vis-a-vis miniature stuff.  I am sooo itching to paint stuff!

Oh god, maybe I am just itching from the zombification process.
 Crap.  Oh well, brains it is.

Laney's Desk in Laney's Lair.  Plus Laney's suitcase she lived out of for a year.

P.S- yes, that is all four Rey pops! and a Spidergwen.  Quorra from Tron II is on the left, and a Reaper Bones Nethermaul sits on my sculpting box.

PPS- yes, that is a Tron II mousemat.

PPPS- yes, that is the latest CD from Garbage!!!  I swoon for Shirley.

PPPPS- I am kinda prepared for my new life as a lesbian zombie.  You should see me in the morning before coffee.

PPPPPS- I am dating TWO ginger haired bisexual classically trained opera singers of Irish descent.  How weird is that?  It's not relevant, just thought I would brag.

Next episode: "Laney actually paints something".


  1. Yes. Sheep brains, in a oatmeal broth. Was OK, very soft, wouldn't repeat the experience out of choice. Tripe is good offal, as is Ox Tongue. Glad you're over your infection, nasty things.

  2. I simply adore Haggis, despite being mostly pescatarian in my diet.

    I thought I may try brains the way Hannibal Lector does it in The Hannibal movie. Fried in butter and shallots.
    But not Ray Liotta brains.

  3. I have eaten lots of 'gross' stuff whilst I was Autodesk's Games Development Consultant and before I started getting turned off by meat (possibly a result of hormones).

    Fish head soup in Singapore (I got the eyes because I was the guest of honor), locusts in Japan (really nice), Balmain Bugs in Australia, Horse in Montreal (whilst working on Assasins Creed 1) and many more.

    I never got to try Fugu.

  4. Horse is OK, bit stringy if I recall correctly, but people do get all teary-eyed about them. Haggis is totes amazeballs, as are Faggots. Especially Brains Faggots, probably the worst name in food marketing ever, although I'm sure there's a borderline offensive gay zombie joke in there somewhere. By this point Black Pudding, or fried Oaty Pig Scabs is just normal tasty food.

    Forgot to mention that ox-tongue looks like a giant alien penis and has the exact same texture as when you bite your own tongue, but without the pain, which is all a bit weird, maybe off-putting, maybe adds to the fun. Don't know, I've got used to it! Great with cranberry sauce and mashed taters.

    Best tripe experience was Menudo Verde in MX DF, chewy, spicy, spicy chewy aaargh my face is on fire and I'm eating sheep stomach! AArghgh! Moor Beeer!

    If you're off meat - check out Vegan Black Metal Chef on youtube. Unfortunately the main protein source he uses - Seitan or "Bread-Chicken" as the Offspring of Zhu called it, is 99% Gluten, and yeah, after 2 days of stomach cramps, turns out I'm not that tolerant.

    By the gods I'm hungry now!

  5. Oh gosh I remember the cinema ads for Brains Faggots. They looked delicious!

    The horse I had was succulent, like a really juicy thin steak. Would recommend to you meat eaters.

    Ox tongue does look exactly like an aliens penis. Having seen several alien penises, I can confirm.

    Speaking of which, never had sweetbreads / praire oysters. Might try them someday. I suspect they will suck balls.

    1. What is stringy is crocodile. It's like a cross between chicken and cod, but with really tough fibres. Would not recommend.

  6. Kings minis, folks. The best miniature wargaming blog for learning about strange meat