Thursday, July 28, 2016


Milliput is a highly underrated product these days.  I love it like I love A-Ha, which means occasionally when it is needed.  And boy is a little A-ha needed now and again.

Milliput is a two part putty that sets concrete hard, so can be drilled and sanded.  You can actually mix it into greenstuff and procreate to make them set harder and let you carve and sand them.  It's good stuff.  

Unless it causes you severe skin irritation.  Which may happen.  Sucks for you.  Buy gloves.

Milliput excels in filling hard minis (not Reaper Bones- it will crack).

Milliput dissolves in water, so a moist brush smooths it into cracks, and it is made up of fine particles, so it doesn't get that slight lip that greenstuff does when you use it as a filler.  A few little balls rammed into the offending hole, a couple of smooth brush strokes and voila!

Milli-juicing is where you dissolves the putty into a thick milk, that can be brushed onto a model to fill surface imperfections.  Once set, you can polish the mini with fine wet and dry paper to get a silky smooth finish.

It's great for fixing bad mold lines too.

Mix a ball, poke a hole in it, put a little water in it and stir with a cocktail stick until you get a paste.  Dip in a brush you hate, because this will destroy it, and brush away!

Remember this will fill in details, so light brush loads, and a few coats is best.

Oh, I am converting this dude into the 90's cartoon version.

Millijuice is also a great glue for making a surface tacky so that thin greenstuff details can be added.  Just skip the polishing bit.

Use this knowledge for evil, people.

Scott needs a bit more filing and polishing to rid him of his costume piping and then a polish to make his costume smooth and it's onto adding the hair and utility belts.


  1. Nice! I've used milliput for filling for a while, but I had no idea about this millijuice thing. Thanks for the pro tip.

    1. My pleasure. Try it out on capes to start with- soooo smooth

  2. Thanks for the tips. Looking forward to seeing how this fella turns out.

  3. have you tried also the other milliput versions (i.e. black or white)? or is the standard one good enough (and since the cheaper, makes the best option)

    1. Yellow grey is the best all rounder.

      White is pointless unless your are doing china work-it's particles are finer and harder to control.

      Black is too course and stains everything. I imagine it's good for props but meh- pass.

  4. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Hmmm... Milliput. Love it. I can't work with greenstuff, but mix it with half yellow grey and it becomes magical for me.

    1. Yes, greenstuff/milliput is a brilliant mix.
      I use aves apoxie with greenstuff too, or apoxie and procreate. Both give you a 'best of both worlds' feel.

      Especially if you wanna sand sharp corners on stuff. Milliput cracks when used as a sword- but fifty fifty green and milliput and it has a little flex.

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