Monday, April 21, 2014

Barbarian warband

Oh just found this on my phoney thingie.  My barbarian warband work in progress.  I think there is butter on my lens.  Very romantic.

I popped by the Garema place game store in Canberra today and picked up a pack of warmahorde skorne girlie figures in dresses with drum hats that took my fancy.  I plan to beat the fancy out of them with some converty type skillage.  Does it annoy people I don't give a crapette about minis official names?  All part of my evil plan.

So as you can see the barbarians are at various stages of paintyness.  I am planning to push them along with my dwarfs in a wantom baccinnalia of flesh painting- then once varnished on to my high and tunnel elves.


  1. Girly at the front has He-Man clothes on. Same chest rig, same wooly pants, same boots and similar sword.
    Is this the first appearance of She-Man?

  2. Very nice!
    I've wanted a little barbarian warband for skirmish gaming myself. I managed to pick up some of the Rackham Confrontaion figures here and there.

    But I did consider getting some of the figures above from em4, I'm happy such nice miniatures are still available.

  3. Very nice indeed! I like your blog it is very inspiring!