Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Some dick at google

Wondering why your big photos look bad after uploading them lately?

  Some dickwad a google decided that applying a filter to everyones photo uploads automatically wasn't just the most inconvenient, idiotic and brand damaging idea ever.  Fortunately you can turn it off in your google plus settings.  You still have to reupload your damaged images.

Think it's the same moron forcing google. Plus down youtubers throats?  Lets get out the pitchforks and torches!


  1. I've just lost track of how many photos ended with that silly snowy filter...

  2. Weird, I don't seem to have suffered from this issue.

  3. Well, you're lucky in that your minis always look amazing, crappy photo quality or not.
    I think this happened to me once about a year ago...for a while everything I tried to upload looked hazy...I couldn't figure out whether it was just my eyes going bad or what...doesn't seem to be affecting me right now, though.
    Awesome looking Dwarf and Ogre, by the way.