Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New warbands: Hassledwarfs

New warband #2.  A lovely batch of dwarfs from Hasslefree minis.  As with the elves I went with washers.  They certainly look a lot better on the smaller base, and feel sturdy.

I think I may field them as snow white and the seven dwarfs.  I have a hasslefree Kaylee who would make a good Snow White and the sleeping Beauty from Reaper.

I am going to give each dwarf a strong, cartoony theme color.  Great figs!


  1. awesome! I like the central figure with the raised hammer, and I have one of the wizard at the back =)
    mines just been blackwashed over the raw metal and satin-varnished as an ornament =)

  2. I really love the Hasslefree range of Dwarves. I only have a few and I rally want to pick up some more.

    But I really want to get on with my Dwarves from Stonehaven before I pick up more.

    Really, really looking forward to you bringing these little beauties to life :)