Saturday, December 10, 2016

Skylands of Skulldred

It's a lovely warm sunny day in Melbourne, and the flea markets are in bloom, filled with young beautiful pixie manic dreamgirls of Brunswick selling their hipster wares.  I found a box of Skylander figures for sale at a whopping $9.  Not each.  For the box.  Yes.  The box.

 I rebased them for Skulldred Skirmish rules using left over GW bases from the big packs they sell, dollar store poker chips and MDF coasters from the craft store.  I glue cork down which I reinforce in areas by stabbing with a pin and pouring a little superglue into them.  They go rock hard allowing heavier figures to be pinned securely.

One mechanical critter became a junk yard scenery feature, using bits left over from the cracked off bases.  For my effort, I now have a lovely blister from my on my thumb from my tin snips.  Naturally I cooked with chilli powder tonight.  Yes.  I am a doofus.  I don't mind the pain though- I asked out a crush of mine last night and she said yes!  Honestly I could nail my foot to the floor today and still be grinning.

The Skylander material is the same as prepainted DnD minis- so I know dettol isn't gonna shift the paint they use.  A light sand with wet and dry paper to take off the worst shine off the larger areas and a quick coating or two from a grey spray enamel rattlecan will do the trick nicely.

Once primed, I will have a better idea what needs filling or resculpting.  I will use pure greenstuff so that it can flex with the rubbery models.  I will also decorate the bases after the conversion work is done.

Because Skulldred uses a 'match your profile to your minis' points system, you can turn anything into a playable model for it.  You can also shift the scale easily for larger figures like dollar store toys or action figures.  This makes it great for getting your kids into gaming.

Got a lot of orders to fill this week, so probably won't be finishing any of them just yet.  Darkling is really taking off again and so I have a website AND new releases to sculpt.

I would say it sucks to be me, but you should see this girl!  She is not only adorable but a fantasy artist too.  Laney is a happy camper right now.  My heads in the sky lands.


  1. I'm just starting to re-paint my children's Skylanders (as they've more or less grown out of them). I'll be interested to see how your experience is as I take a stab at doing the same.

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