Friday, March 7, 2014

Grom the goblin

One of the first off the blocks from my Cancon haul... a classic Kevin Adams nineties goblin.  I prefer his earlier works, but how could I say no to dis widdle belly. 
I painted him a while ago but forgot to take a snap.  Plus... some days you just lose your mojo.  I tried to get super nice blending on his belly and stuffed it up.  Dirt got in, I rubbed it off and it all went downhill from there.  I may strip him down one day and go again when Mars isn't in retrograde and shit.


  1. Mmmm nice. Looks good to me,

    For some reason I always thought that figure was sculpted by one of the Perrys in the style of Kev Adams. But since the GW catalog from the time doesn't name the sculptor (but names all the other sculptors for everything except Kev's goblins), I guess it's safe to assume it was in fact Kev! It's nineties Adams goblins all the way for me. Those and the nineties Marauder wolf riders, plastic wolves and all (mostly because they were in the first copy of WD I ever bought).

    Must get my chariot assembled and painted. And all those 4e night goblins. And the wolf riders. One day...

  2. Beautiful skin-tone, the fur looks really nice too.

    I still have a boxed Grom the Paunch that needs constructing and painting...

    *sigh*... It's there somewhere in the never ending "to paint" pile.

  3. 'One day' is next week fellas... stop everything your doing and assemble that chariot!