Saturday, March 29, 2014

Coming along nicely

A quick scale test before painting and surfacing begins.

My skulldred themed dice pillars!

The chaos warrior from my ' John Blanche's undead assault diorama' inspired project surveys the land.  He agrees.  More shrooms needed!

Emerald dwarfs survey the building of the skull doored castle.  She-he-man likes skull faced castles... they give her a +3 to her combat dice!
Bridge by Eureka- Dnd repaint model crossing.


  1. those dice pillars are randomly cool... I may have to pilfer/borrow this idea. =)

    1. I already made that same comment a few posts back Jess :D

      You'll probably be seeing them when your playing round at my place.

    2. All dice pillars copyright 2014 me. You can license the idea by sending me videos of you reenacting scenes from The Mighty Boosh.

    3. "Its not ordinary rape, it's a rabbit rape. It's a terrific bunny bumming!"

    4. "I may go the full poncho/sombrero combo. I will be off my tits on happiness."

    5. I want a poncho and sombrero now...
      must resist urge to spam thread with mighty boosh quotes... one more...

      "Every time you play an instrument boy, I'll be right there inside ya, wearing ya like a glove."

  2. Mushroom forests have been on my mind recently. I want a lot more terrain themed toward my Night Goblins.

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