Friday, March 7, 2014

Look familiar?


Works in progress, really rough models that I wished I had filled with millijuice first.  Though the red on the sorcerer's helmet was technically cast from his perspective ignoring fireball, I though I would leave it on to match the artwork a little closer.   Not happy with greenies look yet.  I think the red should be charcoal black.

I don't have the two headed goblin or long neck goblins that appear in the art, but they exist.   I have yet to find the elf and dwarf, but the hammer bearer was never made.
May have to fix that...  where is my grwen stuff?

Okay, first comment to name the source art gets smug points!


  1. I guess Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3e.

  2. Love em,that sorcerer is great .I wrestle with my colours for bronzee as i want some bone,red and black represented more prominently than the cover art .I think i know where i am going with it though,some of my favourite figures.

  3. i have never even seen these models but then there is much i have yet to see.

    ...gets popcorn...

  4. I was going to say that greenie reminds me of ROC:STD, but on comparing them I think Rob S is definitely right with WFB3e

  5. It's such a shame about the hammer bearer never being made. I spotted most of the characters from the cover in their lead forms and assumed the warrior was made as a figure too, especially as he was on the cover of the previous rulebook as well. I always expected to see him turn up on Ccmwiki at some stage.

  6. You guys couldn't have planned posting these on the same day possibly?

    Small Old World


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